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1.5T/H Wood Pellet Mill Plant Purchased by Philippine Customer

Recently, we have a customer from the Philippines purchased our 1.5 T/H wood pellet mill plant. According to the discussion with the customer, we got know that his raw materials is sawdust and wood chips, in which 70% of sawdust size is less than 1mm the moisture content is in 40%-45%. And he would like to build the wood pellet mill plant in India with producing wood pellet in size of 6mm and 8mm.
We customize for him wood pellet mill plant based on the raw material situation and his requirements with the processing of drying, crushing, pelletizing, cooling and packing. And in the later period, he came to China to visit our company and factory, showing great ratification for our wood pellet machinery and super sincerity for the corporation with us.
wood pellet mill plant
(1.5T/H Wood Pellet Mill Plant)

About Wood Pellet Production Processing

Raw material has to be prepared before producing the pellet by wood pellet mill, generally including chipping (optional), crushing, drying.
Among these processing, chipping machine is mainly used for producing the raw material of wood logs or large wood blocks, which can be optionally equipped. Crushing processing is used to crush the raw materials into proper size which should be kept within 3mm, while the drying processing is about to adjust the raw material moisture content ranging from 12%-15%. As the core processing of wood pellet mill plant, the equipment of wood pellet mill is very important, which should be equipped based on the raw materials and actual needing. If one set of wood pellet mill can not meet the requirement, you can connected two or two more wood pellet mills in this processing. This cooling processing adopts the counter-flow cooler or drum cooler to decrease the temperature of the finished hot wood pellet from the pelletizing processing in short time, prolonging the life time of wood pellets. Auto-packing machine is equipped in this processing for later easy store, selling and transportation.

Successfully Setting Complete Wood Pellet Mill Plant

Due to our professional wood pellet machinery manufacturing technology and professional wood pellet production solution, we have customized various projects around the world.
With rich experiences in these successful projects mentioned above, we conclude three steps to set up one complete wood pellet mill plant. In this step, you should collect adequate raw material, have enough budget, choose a plant land with smooth traffic and convenient power and water connection. Choose the suitable wood pellet plant machinery according to the raw materials and your requirements. For better production, the operator must master the operation and operate the machinery seriously according to the operation instruction. And pay attention to the plant safety, it is a pity that wood pellet plant is damaged by fire.

Moreover, you can send us your raw material for test if you have no idea about your raw material can be produced into pellets or not. Please contact us for more details about wood pellet mill plant.