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Choose Home Pellet Mill for Making Your Own Pellets

Since the pellet became popular around the world, more and more people would like to make pellet by their own for saving more cost. But not everyone knows the pellet mill completely, let’s get to know more about the pellet mill for home use.

The pellet mill for home use is also called home pellet mill, household pellet mill or small pellet mill. According to the working principle, it belongs to the flat die pellet machine which is more suitable for home use. The flat die pellet machine can be divided into two types, the die-turned type and roller-turned type. On the mechanism, the main difference is the turning pattern of the die and the press roller. For each type, there are multiple choices of power: electric motor, diesel engine, gasoline engine, and PTO (power taken off).

home pellet mill die turned and roller turneddiesel engine and PTO home pellet mill

The home pellet machine is mainly composed of chassis, motor, die, spindle, press roller and other part. Also, this mini pellet mill is equipped with a variety of flat die aperture (6-12mm) and corresponding compression ratio to meet the clients’ different needing. The crushed material will be processed into dense pellet after the extrusion of the die and the press roller.

The home pellet mill can be used for pelleting various of raw materials, such as, sawdust, wheat straw, cotton stalk, and other agro and forestry waste. For different materials, the pellets made by this pellet mill can be used as animal feed, home heating fuel, the electric factory etc.

Why choose home use pellet mill?

How to choose a good quality home pellet mill?

Except of the applications offered above, this small pellet mill can be used in the small scale pellet production line. If you want to know more, please contact to us, our technological stuff will offer you the professional information.