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Choose Pellet Press for Inexhaustible Energy

Pellet press background

Due to the serious influences on the economic development by conventional energy supplies, and large-scale use of fossil energy releasing the carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides which are harmful to the living environment of human beings. Many countries has been started to research and develop clean renewable energy. Biomass energy came into scientists’ vision and became the focus because of its inexhaustibility.  
pellet press
electric motor pellet press 
With great progress in scientific technology, the biomass solidification technology has been developed a lot, and the machine used for making biomass pellet fuel has been manufactured called pellet press or pellet mill. Then pellet pill became the optimal machine for making biomass pellet fuel, especially the small flat die pellet press, which is widely used for industrial fuel, power plant power generation and home cooking and heating, even the pellet production line.
pellet production line
small pellet production line

Reasons of needing pellet press

How to choose small pellet press?>> 

Attention in choosing a pellet press

  1. Quality comes to the first. The quality influence the pellet production greatly. The pellet mill with CE certification should be listed in your sheet.
  2. Cost is a big question. High cost does not stand for the pellet press is the most suitable for you and high quality.
  3. The manufacturer. The development of the manufacturers should be concerned. Generally, manufacturers with long history will be better because they have more experiences in manufacturing pellet presses.
  4. Certificates. A manufacturer has many certificates in researching and developing the pelleting technology, which stands that this manufacturer got Recognition and affirmation in this industry.
  5. Method. You can choose pellet mills through the internet for looking for better pellet mills around the world.
  6. After sale service. When you choose one manufacturer, you should concern the after sale service, that is related to the problems may happed in your later operation.
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