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Convenient PTO Pellet Machine for Farmers

Pto Pellet Machine Introduction

Pto pellet machine is specially designed and developed for farm use or some places without enough electricity. But how much do you know about it? And do you know what is pto?
Pto Pellet Machine Introduction
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Before knowing about pto pellet mill, you had better know something about pto. Pto means ‘power take off’, which is a mechanical gearbox connected to power source like the transmission part of tractor or truck. By transmit power from tractor or truck to the implements that you need to use. Equipped with this power driving type, pto pellet press take the pellet machine out from power limitation, realizing the pellet machine can not only be used on farm where there is tractor, but also can be used in those remote places with limited energy or places with highly expensive power price.

How to Use Pto Pellet Machine?

Raw Materials

Being the same with other types of small pellet machine like electricity motor type, diesel engine type and gasoline engine type, pto pellet machine make various of raw materials into biomass pellets as well, such as, wood residues like wood chips and shavings, sawdust, twigs, leaves etc; crop wastes like rice husk, wheat straw, maize stalk, magasse, cotton shell, cotton straw, sorghum stalk, rice straw, potato stem etc; even the animal wastes like horse manure, cattle manure etc.

Working Principle

Pto pellet machine can be connected to any tractor with different ration and performance, and transfer power according to mission types and actual situation. Before making pellet, you should connect it to the tractor or other farm machinery. When the motor runs, the main shaft and die rotate together, while the roller stays stationary. The friction between rotary die and stationary roller raises the temperature to 80℃, the raw material squeezes into the die hole and is form into solid cylinders with uniform density and diameter, and then rolls out from the discharging hole through cutting by cutter.

Pto Pellet Machinery details


Highlights of Pto Pellet Machine

  1. Easy operation. Pto pellet mill is one type of small pellet machine with simple structure and small size, easy to install, operation and maintain.
  2. Pto pellet machine can be connected to any engine like tractor, electricity motor, diesel engine etc, making production more feasible and convenient, without limitation of place and energy.
  3. With high efficiency and low consumption, the production ranges from 80kg/h to 400kg/h which is decided by the power that the pto pellet mill possesses, we can customize the power according to your tractor power.
  4. Pto pellet machine is very suitable for the farmers who has had farm machinery, it is easy for you to move it to any place that you want without worrying the lack of energy source.
  5. Finished biomass pellet can be used for home heating and cooking, BBQ fuel, frying tea, household fireplace etc.
  6. Pto pellet machine has wide applications, including making biomass pellet on your farm for renewable and clean fuel, or selling finished biomass pellets to your neighbors, or invest in pto pellet mill for getting profit by selling it to the surrounded places.
If you have tractor, our pto pellet machine is the most suitable pellet making machine for you, please hesitate to contact us for more information.