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Economically Applicable Homemade Wood Pellet Machine for DIY

DIY for Making Wood Pellet

Biomass wood pellet, made from biomass raw materials like wood chips, sawdust, shavings, woods, branch, barks, corn stalk, peanut shell, bagasse, corn rob, cotton straw, maize straw etc. burns without ash and no harmful gas producing in to the air, friendly to our environment. As the technology develops, there appears a kind of machine specially designed for home making wood pellet, which is called homemade wood pellet machine.
Homemade wood pellet machine
(hommade wood pellet machine)

People use homemade wood pellet machine to make wood pellet by themselves. At first, they crush their raw material like wood chips, log, or branches etc into powder by hammer mill; next, they adjust the moisture content of raw material into 12%-18% which is required by the home use wood pellet machine; then they feed the treated raw material into the home made wood pellet machine; after that, they put the finished wood pellet in a cool room to make them cooled by air, because the finished wood pellet is in high temperature when they are compressed out of the machine.

Why Choose Homemade Wood Pellet Machine


Choosing Proper Homemade Wood Pellet Machine

After you deciding to make wood pellet by yourself, the next question is to choose a proper homemade wood pellet mill. Here are factors for you to consider.
  1. Price. When you choosing a home made wood pellet machine, price is always asked at first. Because nothing cannot make us happier than saving cost. But, high or low price cannot be the symbol of the proper, so, you cannot care the price only.
  2. Raw material. Your raw material is the most important factor for choosing home made wood pellet machine, if you have no idea that your raw material can be made into wood pellet or not. Choosing a company who can accept your raw material for testing.
  3. Machinery performance. Homemade wood pellet mill manufactured by different manufacturer have different performance. You need to know that by asking the information about the features, structure, component material, operation details etc.
  4. Production capacity. The production capacity of homemade wood pellet machine is deigned with production ranging 50kg/h to 400kg/h. You should choose the production according your requirement.
  5. Driven-power. For the four driven-powers are mentioned above, choose the driven-power according your local situation. If you have no easy access to electricity, diesel engine type is suggested to you; if you have tractor, PTO type is a good choice.
If you have decided to make your own wood pellet by homemade wood pellet machine, please contact us to get professional advice, we will offer you the best service.