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Efficient Grass Pellet Machine for Bio-fuel

Make Grass into Bio-fuel

Grass is a common thing that can be seen everywhere in our daily life. It can be seen every where, including the wild, the garden, in the field, the lawn etc. Grass has strong vitality, grows fast, just like an Chinese old poem said, “Wildfire can not burn it out, spring breeze blows it back to life.” So, they are always clipped and weeded usually. Before, the grass which has been clipped was been regarded as waste. But now, people take advantages of its wide distribution and sustainability to make grass pellets by using the grass pellet machine.
grass pellet machine

By using the grass pellet machine, people can make grass pellets at home by themselves with low cots and high efficiency. The finished grass pellet has various functions. Using grass pellets as fuel is economical, energy-efficient, sustainable and environmental friendly. More and more people begin to accept this new green energy for its cheap raw material and easy way to get, comparing with the fossil fuel. Besides, the grass pellet made by the grass pelleting machine can also be used for animal feed. Some grass is filled with the nutrition that the animal need.

Grass Pellet Machine Introduction

The grass pellet machine is mainly designed to make grass pellets, used for home heating and cooking, farm, small grass pellet production line etc. With compact and simple structure, convenient operation, low energy consumption but high efficiency, grass pelleting machine is superior in the performance. The grass pellet press is mainly composed of pelleting die, pressing roller, gear box, transmission part etc. the grass material enters into the pelleting chamber and is formed into uniform size under the great extrusion of the die and roller. According to working principle, the grass pellet machine is divided into D-type and R type, the former is based in the die rotation while the latter depends on roller type.
grass pellet production line
(grass pellet production line)
The single grass pellet press is more suitable for home use, farm use, or small workshop. If you want a little bit more production, the pellet production line is suggested. You can connect two or two more grass pellet machines to build a grass pellet production line. additionally, to meet requirements of more customers, the grass pelleting machine is equipped with four different driving systems, respectively are electric motor, gasoline, diesel engine and PTO(power taken off), and each type has different capacity and pelleting die hole sizes.

Materials for Grass Pellet Machine

As we all know, the growth and utilization of grass is influenced by the weather and climate. Generally, grass looses the nutrition in the winter, even becomes very dry. But in warm seasons, the grass grows exuberantly. Even so, the grass pelleting machine can make grass pellet using these grasses, what you need to do is adjust the moisture content of the grass to 12-16% by watering it or drying it in the sun. Too dry grass can not be easily fed into the machine, and too wet grass will be mushy around the pressing roller thus influencing the pelletng effect and reducing the service time of the roller.

There are various grass types, some grasses without much nutrition matters like switchgrass, sugar grass, miscanthus are suitable for making grass pellet fuel; while other grasses like purus frumentum, ryegrass, pennisetum sinese, alfalfa are more suitable for making feed pellets, because they are filled with rich nutrition even some are filled with rich protein.

However, due to the difference of the soil PH value, different regions grow different grasses. For instance, the switchgrass grows in the majority of American great plains and the eastern areas. The ryegrass is planted in the areas where the wheat can grow. The erect milkvetch can grows in various soils like chernozem, black loess even in the soil with low fertility.
To be concluded, people should investigate the local grass before making the grass pellets.

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