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GEMCO Pellet Machine Sold Canada to Make Soft Wood Pellets

If you have biomass materials, how do you turn them into money? Let GEMCO pellet machine tell you.

On June 5, 2018, the Canada customer ordered ZLSP260A GEMCO pellet machine and TFS 420 hammer mill diesel powered. The Canada customer operates a bush in Canada and makes particles for the first time. He intends to sell wood pellets for a long time.
ZLSP260A GEMCO pellet machineTFS 420 hammer mill
(GEMCO pellet machine ZLSP260A and 420 hammer mill)
The following are the main contents of the communication between the customer and our sales staff.

I need a pellet making machine for my personal use. I found one (diesel powered on your website). I have soft wood (popular trees) on my acreage and according to your website this model can handle small twigs. I have a grinding machine the can make small mulch material and then feed to your pellet machine. How much for shipping to Vancouver?

Glad to hear from you. May I know which GEMCO pellet machine model you checked on your website? If one pellet machine, the shipping cost to Vancouver is $105.
By the way, here I attached a quotation of small GEMCO pellet machine models for your reference. Please advise which model you choose?

Hello, I am grinding wood into a mulch (this is a soft wood, popular trees and branches), about 2cm to 4cm in size, the pellet mill should be able to make pellets from this material, please. I see that there are different styles of the ZLSP150, an A, B, C, not quite sure which one will work for me. My material is not powder or dust, it is raw chips as before mentioned in size, 2cm to 4cm. I am not a commercial maker just for my home and greenhouse use. I hope you can help me find the right unit that will work with my materials. Also it should be diesel powered.

If the raw material is wood chips in size 2cm to 4cm, it has to use hammer mill first to grind the chips into sawdust. Then use the pellet machine to make pellet.
HereI attached the hammer mill and pellet machine model according to your situation. The pellet mill machine is with diesel engine. The hammer mill has two models, one is with gasoline engine, one is with diesel engine. The gasoline engine model is cheaper than the one with diesel powered. Please confirm which one you want. I can give the final total cost accordingly to you.

Hello, thank you for your prompt response, sorry I am slow returning, just very busy out in the bush, no computers. Could you please quote me a price on a GEMCO pellet machine (diesel powered) that can produce 500+ kg pr hr.

Here attached is a GEMCO pellet mill machine with diesel power for 400-450kg pr hour capacity. You can check the price for reference first. Because 500kg per hour model is more cost than this.

Hello, thank you for the quote 400A pellet machine, very fair. I found the ZLSP260A model on your website but no price. Could you please send a quote for this machine (diesel powered).
I will be making a purchase of the hammer mill, I like the price.
I am just trying to fit a pellet machine to my small operation for this year.
I think that your ZLSP260A will fit my needs. It has a capacity up to 250kg pr hr. which is good for my start up operation.
I trust your years of experience with the pellet industry so have no need to look further than your company.
Thank you for your patience and assistance.

Hello Michelle Hu, thank you, I am happy with the prices of both machines.
1) ZLSP260A Wood Pellet Machine Diesel powered
2) TFS 420 Hammer Mill Diesel powered (add the electric start option please).
Give me 3 weeks please, I will make the purchases most likely with my credit card.
Could you please send to me an all in cost of these 2 machines please include shipping to Vancouver BC. Or if possible to Saskatchewan (Shellbrook)
Thank you again.