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How to Choose Suitable Feed Mill Machine?

Feed Mill Machine for Feed Pellets

Feeding animal is not a difficult thing, nor an easy thing to do. The most important thing is to keep the nutrition enough for the animals, especially for the animals who requires different nutrition at their different growth stage, like chicken, cow, cattle, sheep, pig etc.
Feed Mill Machine for Feed Pellets
(How to make feed pellets with feed mill machine?)
With the development of technology, animal feed can be processed into feed pellets by feed pellet machine, the final pelleted animal feed looks like small cylindrical shapes with a certain diameter, possessing with the advantages of rich nutrition, high density, uniform size, convenient to manage, store, pack and transport, easy to be digested by animals, avoiding the animal becoming picky, suitable for almost every kind of animal.

Feed Mill Machine Classification

Feed mill machine is also called as feed pellet machine, or pellet feed machine, belonging to the feed pellet equipment. According to different aspects, it can be divided into different classifications.
Feed Mill Machine ClassificationRing Die Feed Mill Machine
With different working principle, it is divided into flat die feed mill, ring die pellet machine, double-roll feed mill. Small homemade feed pellet machine, poultry feed pellet machine, small poultry feed pelletizer, fish feed pellet mill, rabbit feed pellet mill, pig feed pellet mill, aqua feed pellet machine etc. Wheat bran pellet machine, bean pulp feed pellet machine, corn feed pellet mill, straw feed pellet machine etc.

Choosing Suitable Feed Mill Machine

When you decide to produce animal feed pellet, you need to choose one suitable feed mill machine for your production at the beginning, which is should be based on the following tips:

Feed mill machine can be used to produce feed pellets for various animals, such as, poultry animals like chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, quail etc; livestock animals like cattle, sheep, horse, camel, rabbit, cat, pig, dog etc; laboratory animals like hamster chinchillas etc. Different types of animals have different requirements for nutrition, deciding the raw material type, further deciding your choosing feed pellet machinery.

The performance of feed pellet machine affects the later animal feed pellet production, different countries requires different power for the machinery. We have feed pellet machine with different powers including motor driven type, gasoline driven type, diesel driven type and PTO type, meeting different requirements.

Different manufacturers have different production capacity according to their own special features. Before you choose one feed mill machine, you should decide that where your production is used for. Home use or small animal farm use requires small production capacity, while animal feed factory or large scale production lien requires large production capacity.  

Improved after-sale service would have good influence on the later mechanical installation, operation and maintenance, which is an invisible condition and people are easy to overlook it. You can use it to repair or maintenance your pellet mill for free which saves a lot of unnecessary costs for you. So, this factor is also important.

After choosing the suitable pellet feed machine, you can start your animal feed pellet production easily. Welcome you to contact us for more information about feed mill machine.