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Pellet Machine China with Super High Cost Performance

Pellet Machine China Overview

With the rapid development of the modern scientific technology, renewable energy has been researched and developed with great progress. Among them, researching and developing of biomass pellet fuel is becoming the hot topic around the world, getting the concern of national government and scientists. Many countries start to formulate the corresponding plan with a big portion of developing and utilizing of biomass pellet fuel. At abroad, some countries have already applied the biomass pellet fuel in the commerce.

Since 80th last century, China has started to research and develop the biomass technology, putting the researching and utilizing of biomass fuel into an important scientific priority project and carrying on the researching and developing of the biomass pellet fuel. So far, pellet machine made in china has been popular around the world with the super high cost performance, especially the Chinese flat die pellet press.
Pellet Machine China
Chinese flat die pellet press is mainly composed of pellet die, press roller, principle axis, bearing. And it has two types, D-type and R-type, the former is based on the die rotating, and the latter is based on the roller rotating. For different requires of the clients, flat die pellet press made in China is equipped with four kinds of powers, electric motor-driven, diesel engine, gas engine and PTO. Besides the single pellet machine, pellet production line projects are also developed in China, in which the most important processing is the pelleting processing. Therefore, the pellet machine can also be used in the small pellet production line as well as used singly for home heating and cooking, fuel factory etc.

Superiority of Pellet Machine China

When people talk about “Made in China”, they always misunderstand the products made in China is only cheap without high quality not as the products with all high made in Germany, America, or England. Actually, “Made in China” focuses on high cost performance, committing to create the maximum value for customer with the least amount of money. Here are the superiority of Chinese pellet machine.
  1. Wide ranges of production capacity. Our flat die pellet press made in China can produce 50kg to 400kg per hour.
  2. Easy to install and operate. The flat die pellet press, with simple structure, is easy to be learned by the operator.
  3. Multi types optional. The flat die pellet press is equipped with four kinds of powers: electric motor-driven, diesel engine, gas engine and PTO.
  4. Various raw materials can be made into pellets. Both the single pellet machine and the pellet production line can make pellets with the wheat straw, sawdust, barley straw, barks, switch grass, and corn Stover, etc. for fuel.
  5. Competitive prices. Prices are always the big superiority of the Chinese pellet machines though the shipment is included in the purchasing cost.
  6. Durable components. Chinese pellet machine adopts the high-quality spare parts to make sure the long serving time of the machine.

Matters of Buying China Pellet Machine 

Before buying a pellet machine of China, there are some problems need attention.

After those questions, you should consider that where should you buy a pellet machine made in China? There may be agency dealers, business divisions in your country or region. If you want to see more pellet machine China, internet is suggested. But it is not easy to buy a pellet machine on the internet, you should investigate deeply by checking website, youtube video, customers visit or case study etc. as much as you can.

If you interested in pellet machine China, please contact us for more information.