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Pellet Making Machine Manufacturers

Pellet making is the act of manufacturing pellets, usually made of wood, from recycled materials which will then be used as more environmentally friendly sources of fuel for both personal and commercial purposes. These pellets are made in pellet plants, which are pellet making machine factories designed specifically for this purpose, and make use of specialized machines in order to fulfill the production process.
gemco pellet making machine manufacturers

Pellet making machines that are used differ depending on the scale of production, and if you're planning on setting up a facility of your own, you will need the correct machines. Pellet making machine manufacturers produce, sell, and act as vendors for the necessary tools and equipment, allowing you to purchase the pellet maker machine most suited to your plant.

Here are some of the machines you may need to manufacture pellets.

  1. A wood chipper. As its name suggests,this machine will slowly chip away the raw material in order to form it into smaller, more manageable sizes that will become the size and shape of the final products.
  2. A hammer mill. This machine will crush logs and other large forms of material, making them easy to chip down and process without damaging any equipment.
  3. A dust collector. This is an optional item and is not exactly a machine, but essentially can be used to collect sawdust and other debris that escape from machines during the hammer and chipping processes.
  4. A sieve. This is optional, and most mills will not use specialized machines for this. However, a sieve will help sift through the chipped pelles, separating them from hard debris or leftover chunks and rocks that could cause damage to a machine if left mixed in.
  5. A drum dryer. For large pellet mills, a drum dryer is necessary in order to dry out the pellets that have been cut and processed. This is because excess water in pellets can result in lower quality products.
  6. An air flow dryer. This machine does the same thing as a drum dryer but is used for small pellet mills instead. It does not produce pellets of a lesser quality, but simply cannot thoroughly dry huge amounts of pellets in one go.
  7. A pelletization mill. Once raw materials are crushed to the right sizes, they must then be refined into the completed pellet form. This is done with the use of pelletization mills. A small pellet plant will use a single flat die pellet mill, though multiple copies of this machine can also be used in a larger plant. Still, a ring die pellet mill is the ideal option for large pellet plants with big production outputs.
  8. A cooler. Most plants make use of a counter flow cooler which cools off the finished pellets. The reason this type of cooler is the most used is due to its ability to sieve out broken and damaged pellets of a lower quality that were gained defects during the manufacturing process.
Pellet making machine manufacturers specialize in creating and selling the aforementioned machines to pellet plants, providing them with an easy and simple way to begin their production business. GEMCO is engaged in the pellet manufacturing industry for more than 20 years. We can design and build the complete pellet production line according to the customer's situation.