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Pellets Making Machine Shipped to Germany Client

On 16th Apr. 2018, 15 pieces of flat die pellets making machines ordered by the Germany client had been finished and entered in packing stage. The picture is taken after the factory workers tested the produced pellet making machines.
pellets making machine pellets making machine
Before, the client has ordered a ZLSP200B type pellets making machine. After almost one year of using, the client was satisfied with the quality of our product and having understood deeply about the local pellets making machine market, he decided to continually invest in the pellets making machine industry. Therefore, in2018, he ordered our 3 types of pellet making machines including ZLSP 200 B type, ZLSP230B type, ZLSP260B type, ZLSP300B type, a total of 15 pellets making machines.

GEMCO has been producing small pellets making machine since 2007. So far, GEMCO pellets making machine has been spread over 100 countries and regions around the world. With the deep developing of the green energy, pellets making machine, as the equipment for producing the green sustainable energies will be more and more popular. We have set up acting regional agent dealers in America, Russia, India etc. in decades of regions. Welcome anyone who is interested in pellets making machine industry to join our ranks of acting regional agent dealers, we will offer the best equipments and perfect service so that more people will join this pellet machine industry leading rich.