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Pet Feed Pellet Rising in China

Pet feed pellet is rising in China. While return visiting our regular clients, our customer service staff has visited a feed factory. 5 years ago, this feed factory is a small factory built with 4 work shops; while when we are visiting this factory this year, it has been become the fast developed enterprise in local area. The people in charge received us warmly, said “thanks your sale person for communicating with me for long time at that time. Since we have purchased one batch of pet feed pellet machinery for producing rabbit food, there has no limit in our development!”
pet feed pellet machinery factory
How to set up your feed pellets factory?

The following is the development history of this pet feed pellet factory explained by the client.

“Actually, the pet industry develops faster than what we thought, more and more enterprise devoting in feeding pets, breeding purebred dogs, cats, rabbits has been rising fast. While the group of feeding these pet animals is expanding as well, the market demand for pet animals feed has been also increased. Majority of people choose the pet feed pellet to feed their pets. Before, I found that there are many foreign feed brands in the market like French Royale, English Nobility etc. I was thinking that it was a pity of foreign enterprises taking up our domestic market. Then, I purchased one set of pet feed pellet machinery fro producing pet rabbit feed, which is not only related to the breeding industry, but also the pets industry. After a few years of doing this, I purchased one set of pet feed pellet machinery which is specially for producing cats feed, dog feed again.”
pet feed pellet
“Although I was not willing to purchase the machinery at first. But I thought again, the machinery can be used for many applications. One set pet feed pellet machinery can not only process pig feed, but also process chicken feed, the only thing we should do is adding a crushing machine. We, as animal feed production factory, can meet the needs of the breeding industry, also extending the pet feed nutrition. The sales channel increased, the income will be increased as well.”

The manager of the factory continued to say, “Up to this year, our business volume has been more than several ten million. Presently, due to the frequent African swine fever, many places has stopped transporting pig dispatching. The slaughter enterprises are in misdistribution, plenty of pig feeder are still owing us. If our business relies on this one way, the capital can not circulate, we have to close our business. While the animal feed industry gave us hope, which helping the capital to circulate, finally activate our business. We can say that the pet feed pellet machinery helps us to acquire wealth!”

In the view of our pet feed pellet production in fact, pet feed pellet has a bright prospect. The neighbor of the writer feeds a golden retriever at age of 4 month, who eat 10kg of dog food every half of a month. That is a lot dog feed, but the old lady who feeds the golden retriever says, “I would like to buy better dog feed if there is better one.”