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Portable Pellet Mill Sent to Saudi Arabia

In 18th , May, 2018, the portable pellet mill purchased by the Saudi Arabian customer has already been finished producing and inspecting waiting for sending to Saudi Arabia. It is not the first time that this customer purchased our pellet mill. He has purchased one single pellet mill as early as 2016. This March, he came to GEMCO factory for visiting, showing much interests in this functional portable pellet mill, and signed the order at that time.
Today, this portable pellet mill has been produced. The following picture is taken by the workshop packing personnel from the delivery site which is sending to the Saudi Arabian customer.
portable pellet mill

Portable Pellet Mill Sent to Saudi Arabia

functional portable pellet mill

This functional portable pellet mill integrates crushing, separating, air-conveying, pelleting, cooling and transporting as a whole, covering a small area, with mobility and wide application ranges.  
Functional portable pellet mill is designed based on our technological precipitation for many years and combined with advanced foreign technology, Multi-function pelleting mill is developed and designed as Europe-American style after knowing fully about multi-level demand. This equipment can be used for processing fuel and feed pellet, with various raw materials, simple and elegant appearance, meeting the users from different level.

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