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Professional Mini Pellet Machine for New Beginners

For New Beginners
So far, wood pellet has been produced for over one century. Small wood cylinders can be made from various of biomass raw materials for different applications.

In the 1970s, some companies which was using pellet machine for making feed began to consider the pellet machine to make wood pellet as fuel. However, due to the cheap oil fuel at that time, the wood pellet market is not so good. When time come to 21st century, great growth happened in wood pellet market which was leading the development of wood pellet machine. As one kind of green energy production equipment, pellet machine has been got good graces from people.
Mini Pellet Machinemini ring die pellet machine
Recently, there appears more and more new beginners in the wood pellet machine industry, some of them want to buy pellet machine for home use, some are for industrial use, and others for commercial use. Common mini pellet machine belongs to small flat die pellet mill, with the production capacity ranging from 50kg/h to 400kg/h. There is also one mini ring die pellet machine, the BMPM 25ype, its production capacity is 200-250 kg/h. Therefore, no matter what the purpose of you, mini pellet machine is the best one type for you.

Superiority of Mini Pellet Machine

  1. Wide raw materials. All the biomass raw materials that we can find in our daily life like wood chips, sawdust, shavings, rice husk, stalks, peanut shell, branches, twigs, corn rob, corn straw etc. can be made into pellet without any additives.
  2. Mini pellet machine is widely used for the new beginners no matter who want to make wood pellet for home use, industrial use or commercial use.
  3. Mini pellet mill is designed and developed with small size, simple structure and low cost, is easy for new beginners to install, operate and maintain.
  4. The gear box, adopting high quality grey cast iron, is manufactured with low noise and good property of shock absorption; both of the die and the roller are equipped with advanced alloy steel, the hardness can reach to 55-60HRC.
  5. Four kinds powers are configured in mini pellet mill, including electric motor, diesel engine, gasoline engine and PTO (tractor driven), can meet the requirements of new beginner from different regions.
  6. The equipped compression ratio in the pelleting die, obtained through amount of experiments, can help the new beginners to produce wood pellet with uniform diameter and length easily.

About Mini Pellet Machinery Details

For new beginners, the machinery problem is the important thing to think about.
If you are the new beginner in the pellet machine industry, mini pellet machine is suggested to you and please contact us to get more information.