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Professionally Customizing Wood Pellet Line for You

Wood Pellet Line

Wood pellet line is a series of continuous operating established in a factory or workshop, where the wood pellet can be produced with perfect quality after the refined processing. According to the production capacity, it can be divided into two types, small type and large type. The former means flat die wood pellet plant, the latter on is ring die wood pellet plant.

wood pellet line
Small Wood Pellet Line
The small flat die wood pellet line is the common type for our daily use with the capacity ranging from 50 kg/h to 400kg/h. And, with the development of wood pellet market recently, plenty of people start to set up wood pellet line for home use and small workshop. Thus due to small size, low investment, easy operation, low energy consumption, small wood pellet line is more popular in daily use. Besides, portable wood pellet line also belongs to one small type which is designed with removability and flexibility, you can remove the whole line to the place that you feel proper.

Details in the Wood Pellet Production

Pretreatment processing aims to make the raw material into the suitable size for the pelletizing processing, including crushing and drying. Sometimes the log splitter or hammer mill is needed if the material is wood log. The raw material pretreatment is first key part of wood pellet line, influencing the pellet quality greatly. The moisture content of raw material should be in 12%-15%, and the size should match the requirement of the pellet machine. If your raw material is in powder form like wood chips, sawdust or shavings etc., you just need to dry the material in to the proper moisture content by using drying machine. Wood pelletizing is the significant part and wood pellet press is the essential equipment in the wood pellet production line. Wood pellet press has two types, small wood pellet press and large wood pellet machine, both of them can be used for pelletizing, the only different is the production capacity. In this small pellet line, the small pellet press is more better for its simple structure, small size, low cost and easy operation. Additionally, small pellet press is equipped with four kinds of powers, electric-motor drive, gasoline engine, diesel engine and PTO type, meeting requirement of different regions. Due to heating in the pelletizing processing, the fresh finished pellet is with high temperature, thus the pellets need to be cooled. The equipment used in this processing is cooling machine which is designed to make the wood pellet become easier to store, meanwhile saving much time than self-cooling. It is composed of drum sieve and frame, which is able to discharge and collect the powder for reproduction when cooling wood pellet. After cooling, it is necessary to packing wood pellets into bags for preventing from damp. For home use, you can put the cooled pellets into prepared bags by yourself; for commercial use, automatic packing machine is suggested and the for the different packing requirements, packing system can be designed with differences.

Matters to customize wood pellet line

Base on these matters, we can help you to customized your wood pellet line successfully.
If you have any problem, you can contact us for getting professional guide.