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What Can Small Pellet Making Machine Be Used for

What is Small Pellet Making Machine

Small pellet making machine, as the common type of pellet making machine, is known among people around the world. Generally, small pellet making machine means flat die pellet making machine, which has D-type flat die pellet machine and R-type pellet making machine, the former is based on the die rotation and the latter one depends on roller rotation. As the development of technology, we have designed and manufactured small ring die pellet making machine called BPM 25, with the production ranging from 200kg/h to 250 kg/h, meeting the small production requirement for ring die pellet making machine of people.
Small Pellet Making Machines
(D-type flat die pellet making machine, R-type pellet making machineBPM 25 ring die pellet making machine)
Both of these two type small pellet making machines can make biomass raw materials including forestry and crop residues into biomass pellet well, the only difference between them is the working principle difference. And the small pellet machine has requirements for raw material, the moisture content should be in 12%-18% and the size should be smaller than the diameter of the die hole that you choose.

Offering Energy Source &Profit

The finished biomass pellet by small pellet making machine has many applications, including home heating and cooking, enterprises heating, BBQ, industrial boiler, electricity generation, even investment. Thus, small pellet making mill is widely used for making energy source and making profit.

Offering Energy Source &Profit
For making energy fuel, the raw material is placed into the pelleting chamber, and form into density and solid cylinders with uniform diameter and length through the high pressing between the die and roller. So when it is burning, almost no ashes left and no bad smoke produced to the air. And uniform size makes the easy storage and transportation. Biomass pellet can be the best substitution of the traditional fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and petroleum. Moreover, the fossil fuel price is in creasing day by day, using the small pellet machine, you can make the pellet fuel at your home for daily use, saving your buying fuel cost.

So far, due to the proposal and support from government among the world, more and more choose the biomass pellet as the fuel, biomass pellet has a wide market which leads mini pellet making machine with a bright future prospect. If you have enough budget, you can totally invest pellet making line to produce pellet fuel used for selling or invest the pellet making machine industry. If you have no idea that where you want to invest or if you are new beginner for investing, small pellet making machine is a good choice for you due to its own highlights.

Why Use Small Pellet Making Machine?

If you have idea to use small pellet making machine for making renewable energy source for use or making profit, you can contact us to get more information.