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Why Use ZLSP R-Type Pellet Maker Machine

In recent years, as the focus on renewable energy has grown, the applications for pelletizer have grown concurrently. ZLSP R-type pellet maker machine is one of GEMCO flat die pellet maker machine. This type pellet maker machine is suited to make hard wood like: pine, oak, red oak, hard maple, beech, maple, poplar to fuel pellets.

If your material is soft wood, you can click the ZLSP D-type pellet maker machine.

Structure and key parts of ZLSP R-type pellet maker machine

pellet maker machine
1.filler hole roller   3.stop screw   4.adjusting screw to adjust the space between press roller and die      5.seal    6.die   7.bearing    8.principal axis    9.filler hole    10.gear box    11.electric cabinet    12.motor

Advantages of pellet maker machine

Now flat die pellet maker machine is a popular type of pellet mill for sale. There are 4 types of flat die pellet maker machines: electric pellet mill machine, diesel pellet machine, PTO pellet press and gasoline pellet maker machine. Depending on the usage of pellets, flat die pellet mill can be divided into biomass pellet maker machine and feed pellet maker machine.
With changeable pressure, flat die pellet mill can process variety of materials especially crude fiber materials like sawdust, stalk, straw, peanut shell and so on. Flat die pellet machine is with little space and you can move it anywhere you want, which is convenient for making bio fuel pellets. 
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