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ZLSG400 Series Fodder Pellet Machine for Sale with Cheap Price

ZLSG400 series flat die fodder pellet machine is a simple feed pelletizing machine that is simpler than the ring mold fodder pellet machine. It is suitable for small farms or small feed processing plants. The device has a simple structure and convenient operation. High cost performance and low cost of purchase. The pelletizing process is simple, and there is no need for complicated granulation steps such as cooling and crushing. The ZLSG400 series flat die fodder pellet machine hole diameter is 3-8 mm, with adjustable size and length. The fodder pellet machine can produce straw powder feed pellets, pure grain feed pellets and mixed feed pellets with diameter of 2-10mm.

ZLSG400 Series Fodder Pellet Machine Introduction

ZLSG400 Series Fodder Pellet Machine
Model Power Capacity(kg/h) Weight(kg) Packing size(mm)
ZLSG400A 55hp 800-1100 800 2370*800*1150
ZLSG400B 30kW 800-1100 700 1550*650*1150
ZLSG400P ≥55hp 800-1100 580 1210*840*1200
The output capacity depends on raw material you use, and the above data are based on animal feed production: 65 % of corm powder, 20 % of oilseed residues and 15% of rice bran and wheat bran (D-type fodder pellet machine). Electric motor can be customized according to customer’s requirements, including voltage and hertz. Please note that our mills operate in industrial power 380V/50Hz (China Standard), three phases. 
Remark: ZL: Pellet Mill   S: Animal Feed   G: roller-rotation   A: Diesel Engine   B: Motor   P: PTO
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Structure and Main Parts of ZLSG400 Series Fodder Pellet Machine

Structure and Main Parts of ZLSG400 Series Fodder Pellet Machine
Item Description Qty Item Description Qty
1 Feed Hopper 1 13 Gear Box 1
2 Inner Hexagon screw 1 14 Cover of Observation Hole 1
3 Nut 1 15 Chassis 1
4 Upper Body 1 16 Electricity Control Cabinet 1
5 Washer 3 17 Motor 1
6 Roller 1 18 Outer Hexagonal Plug 3
7 Die 1 19 Priming Cup 5
8 Blade 1 20 Covering for shield 1
9 Disc of Throwing pellet 1 21 Active Coupling 1
10 Outlet Hopper 1 22 Elastic Cushion 1
11 Shaft Box 1 23 Passive Coupling 1
12 Main Shaft 1      

Maintenance and Lubrication

Lubricate the mill according to the following chart.

No Lubrication Part Oil Type Lubrication Period Oil Change Period
1 Roller Molybdenum disulfide grease Once per 4 working hours  
2 Main Shaft Molybdenum disulfide grease Once per 8 working hours  
3 Gear Box Hypoid Gear Oil The initial added lubricating oil should reach the designated position.(measure with dipstick) Six months for first time; One year later

Fodder Pellet Machine Die and Rollers

The pellet machine roller should be visually inspected prior to each start-up. Make sure there are no foreign materials affecting roller running. Service life of the roller is 300-500 hours under normal running condition. It is recommended to replace roller and die at the same time.