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benefits of wood pellet machinery

wood pellet machineryLatest news from 117th China Import and Export Fair:

The 1st phase of 117th Canton Fair is over now. GEMCO has received good news from the Fair:

The ZLSP200B wood pellet machinery we took to the Fair has been sold to a foreign visitor onsite. This model pellet machine is one of GEMCO best sellers. Many of our customers have ordered ZLSP200B in recent months. These customers are from Estonia, Chili, USA, Russia, etc.

Wood pellet machinery is a kind of professional equipment for processing waste wood or sawdust. It can process eucalyptus, pine, birch, poplar, fruit tree, as well as crop waste like stalk, bamboo shavings and sawdust. The raw material can be from woodworking factories or furniture processing factories. It can produce renewable wood pellets with high density, high heat value, low cost, easy to use, clean and convenient to transport.

The wood pellets are used in gasifier, heating furnace, greenhouse, boiler, or power plant.

Here let’s see the social benefit of wood pellet machinery first.

  1. From energy security perspective, renewable wood pellets energy can solve the problem of energy resource shortage.
  2. From environmental protection perspective, wood pellets, as a kind of renewable energy source, can improve the deteriorating ecological environment.
  3. The wood pellet machinery utilizes renewable power sources in rural areas, increases income for rural residents, and makes contribution to rural economy.
  4. The establishing of wood pellet plant also can expand employment and promote the continuous development of economic and society.

Then what are the economical benefits of wood pellet machinery?

We know that wood powder or sawdust is in a scene a kind of waste to most people who can neither build a plywood making factory nor make use of it for other purposes. But if you make waste wood powder into fuel, it will be applicable in many areas.

Flat die wood pellet machinery, is a machine to produce biofuel pellet fuel. It can efficiently solve the problem that coarse fiber biomass is hard to be pelletized. Flat die wood pellet machine main engine adopts high efficiency gear or belt driven design. The roller acts even force to the flat die, which ensures every die hole can discharge material evenly and normally. The manufacturer GEMCO can customize premium quality pressing molds for you in all specifications. As a result, the lifespan of whole wood pellet machinery is prolonged, productivity is increased, and power consumption is decreased.