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biomass pellet mill significance

Before going to biomass pellet mill, I would like to tell you about what actually a pellet mill is.

A pellet mill is a machine which creates pellets out of powder of corresponding material. It is also called as 'Pellet press'.This type of mill is different from a normal grinding mill, where a normal grinding mill does an activity quite opposite to pellet mill. There are many types of pellet mills, Biomass pellet mill is one of them.

Biomass pellet mill is a kind of wood pellet mill which creates pellets out of natural and forest wastes, i.e biological wastes and wood. It is specialized in creating pellets from saw dust, rubber wood and other tough wood materials. It is a type of centrifuge pellet machine which can create powder from different pressure ratio.


Biomass pellet mill is mostly used for making pellets of natural wastes as described earlier. As pellets of natural wastes and different types of woods would serve a great purpose in present economy, we can’t even imagine a society without wooden products and fuel. So there is a great demand for biomass pellet mills as they can really make wastes useful and can give worth for wood wastes. These machines are so significant that they can really make impact on large scale industries, as many of the other industries are dependent on wood and its products. These machines are keys for many other machines which are dependent on wood products and biological wastes.At present, the renewable sources of energy is characterized by less investment and quick result, biomass pellet mill is important to produce biomass pellet fuel. As our world greatly relies on fuel, biomass pellet mill has a great importance in production of biomass fuel, a renewable source of energy, which can really have an impact on economy and can also make good profits for mankind.

biomass pellet mill


Coming to industry of biomass pellet mill, many of the large scale industries depend on this industry as said earlier, this industry perform a various types of activities in pellet making such as Straw, Saw dust, Coconut Shell, Palm Thread pellets making. Many of industrial specialists have opted to this type industry as it makes a great profit difference for them.

Raw materials used in Biomass pellet mill industry: Sawdust, Bark, Wood chips, Straw, etc.

Industries which manufacture Timber, Paper, furniture, Agricultural by products serve as raw material sources for this industry. Many countries world wide have large amounts of biomass pellet mill industries, of them China comes first. Many companies such as GEMCO are professional biomass pellet mill manufacturers.


  1. Can solve shortage problems of energy resources.
  2. Improvement of ever-deteriorating ecological environment.
  3. To make use of renewable energy sources in rural areas.
  4. Great significance in industrial structure, economical growth patterns.
  5. Gives lot employment opportunities to unemployed people.


As this industry uses renewable sources of energy, it is helpful to environment by not using normal sources of energy, these biomass pellet mill machines are also pollution free as they run on natural fuel which does not cause any harm to environment and ecological balance.