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choose a mini pellet mill for home use

With the environment worsening day by day, there has been a great demand of new energy resources to replace traditional fuel as coal, gas, and so on. Thanks to the almighty nature, we, the most intelligent human beings, have come up with various means to solve this environmental problem.

mini pellet millNow we use solar energy, wind energy, hydroenergy, etc. But the most recently used is probably to utilize waste biomass energy. And as a result, biomass pellet mill is invented to make cylinder pellets fuel from biomass waste.

Mini pellet mill is a kind of small pellet mill with flat die. The “flat die” means the main part of the pellet mill is a flat plate, or called “disk”. The reason why flat die pellet mill can be called “mini” is not only because of its size, but also its yield.

The smallest size of mini pellet mill is just 0.25m3, while the smallest capacity is 50kg/h. because of its small size and capacity, mini pellet mill can be applied in many fields.

Mini pellet mill applications

It can be used to produce biomass pellets as fuel. The pellets fuel can be used for home heating, cooking, stove, boiler, or in greenhouse to offer heat for plants or vegetables.

It can produce pellets, especially wood pellets as cat litter, or horse bedding. Wood pellets can replace traditional cat litter or animal bedding because they are not only cheap, but also good moist absorbent.

Mini pellet mill can be used by farm, small workshop, small plant, etc. But it is most often used by home users because of its small capacity.
wood pellets applications

Home use pellet mill

The mini pellet mill for home use can process various raw materials:

Alfalfa, bagasse, bamboo, beet pulp, corn cob, corn stalk, grass, hops, hardwood, leaves, rice husk, waste paper, peanut shell, all kinds of straw and stalk, softwood, and so on.

What do you need if you want to make pellets at home?

Raw material, homemade pellet mill, and probably, a hammer mill (at least, unless your raw material does not need to be processed before pelletizing).

You can make pellets at home whenever you use, or make some for storage.

Pellets made by mini pellet mill

The pellets made by the mini pellet mill are of high density, durable to burn, and let out much less carbon oxides and sulfur dioxide, which is healthier to environment than original biomass materials or coal. Thus you needn’t worry about being fined by environmental protection bureaus.

If the pellets you made excess your demand, you can even sell them to your neighbors and friends!

Till now, there have been thousands of homes and farms buying mini home pellet mills all over the world. They utilize those previously waste materials as sawdust, cotton stalk, grass, etc to not only make pellets for own use, but also sell pellets. This mini pellet mill has helped them save a large sum of money, and even make them profit. As a result, more and more mini pellet mill users showed great interest in expanding their productivity in the future.