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customer satisfied with our wood pellet machine

In July 2015, GEMCO ZLSP420 wood pellet machine was developed after repeated testing, test-run and inspection. The birth of the ZLSP420 wood pellet machine symbolizes GEMCO has made a great progress on small biomass pellet mill technology.

With the deterioration of environment, now more and more customers pay attention to the social benefit and market benefit of biomass pellet mill. In recent, some customers were attracted by our biomass pellet mill. Over raw material testing, they eventually bought ZLSP420 new type wood pellet machine.

Through our trace and feedback, the client was quite satisfied with the wood pellet machine. His raw materials are elm and locust with high hardness (hardwood). So our engineer chose the ZLSP420B for him. The operation of the machine is very smooth, and the production also reached customer satisfaction. The customer also gave favorable comment to our wood pellets machine.

This customer’s praise also gave our staff a lot of confidence. We believe through the continuous innovation of our technical staff, GEMCO biomass pellet mill products will further meet the market demand, and be known to more people.

wood pellets machine

So what's the use of GEMCO wood pellet machine?

Application: wood pellet machine is widely used in heating (civil heating and living heating), boiler (biomass industrial boiler), and power plantto replace burning coal, which saves energy and solves environmental pollution.

And what are the advantages of wood pellet machine?

  1. wood pelletsWood pellet machine operation is simple, stable, safe and reliable. High economic efficiency.
  2. High yield and pellet forming rate. The pellets are even, the intensity is high.
  3. Wide processing range: no matter miscellaneous wood, pine, eucalyptus wood, birch, poplar, fruit tree, bamboo shavings, peanut shell, rice husk, and straw, or other biomass raw materials you can find, the wood pellet machine can make it into pellets without any additives.
  4. The gear box uses the high quality gray iron material, the noise is small, the damping property is good.
  5. The shell is made from steel, so strength and toughness are greatly enhanced, will never happen shell rupture.
  6. The flat die and the pressing roller uses high quality alloy steel, whose hardness reaches 55-60HRC.
  7. The most suitable wood powder processing hole structure, which is obtained through a large number of experiments --- the best compression ratio.
  8. Fully in line with the CE standard operating system, emergency stop button can quickly shut down the machine in an emergency.
  9. Comes with automatic lubrication system, saving manpower and material resources cost.