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features of flat die pellet machine for sale

Flat die pellet machine is the most widely used type of pellet machine for sale. During the utilization of flat die pellet machine, we find some of its features.
  1. Flat die feature

In roller rotating flat die pellet machine, the flat die is fixed on the machine base. The raw material is extruded from stationary die holes, and cut by a blade. While in ring die pellet machine, the rotating ring die always flings pellets onto machine shell, which causes pellets to break, and the pellet forming rate is decreased. Therefore, the stationary flat die working manner in flat die pellet machine for sale contributes to the increase of forming rate.

flat die pellet machine for saleAs one of the core working part in pellet machine, the structure parameter of flat die determines the quality of pellets it makes. For processing different materials, you need different flat dies. The area with holes, hole size, and hole arrangement, etc. all determine pelletizing performance. If the smaller compression ratio of die hole is, the higher productivity it will have; but at the same time pellets density is lower and quality is poor. While if the compression ratio is too large, the pellet machine will easily be blocked.

From practical experience, for making the same size of pellets from the same kind of raw material, the flat die is much thinner than ring ding. Compared to ring die, flat die has the advantages of brief structure, compact size, both sides can be used, and low cost. The pellet mill die is a wearing part, so users need to replace it periodically. And the symmetry of flat die determines that if one side is worn, the other side can also be used, which greatly improves flat die service life and saves production cost.

  1. Roller feature
The roller of flat die pellet machine for sale has the features of low rotating speed and large diameter compared to ring die pellet machine. its rotating speed is even less than a half of ring die pellet machine. While the large diameter can increase roller grabbing angle, which makes sure the roller can have higher force to grab material, and decrease the possibility of slip.
  1. Material feeding feature

The material feeding chamber is the first station that raw material arrives at in the flat die pellet machine. This feeding chamber plays a role of storing and feeding raw material into the roller wedge-shape grabbing angle. The feeding chamber has 2 characteristics: one is broad feeding space that not only offers enough space for large diameter roller which is specially designed for biomass raw materials, but also offers feeding space for loose raw material; the other is that the feeding procedure efficiently utilizes gravity.

pellet machine roller and dieThe biomass raw materials like saw dust, crushed tree branch, twig or straw powder have high coarse fiber which is light and loose, and hard to be fed into the pellet machine. Luckily, the broad feeding chamber can offer broad feeding space for raw material, and at the same time allow the pellet machine to use large diameter roller, which can enlarge grabbing angle and enhance the grabbing ability of coarse fiber material.

It is estimated that the unit weight of sawdust is about 200kg/m3, and the porosity is around 75%. Since the sawdust itself is loose and light, the compression ratio for it is comparatively large. This puts forward higher requirement for feeding chamber. The wide feeding chamber of pellet machine for sale can rightly meet the demand of such raw materials.

Besides, the feeding method which uses gravity allows the material to fall on proper extruding station without external force. Such kind of feeding method is superior to ring die pellet machine and it has better raw material adaptability.

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