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flat die pellet machine

Flat die pellet machine means the pellet machine has a flat die instead of a ring die. It is primarily used for home scale or small workshop production, while ring die pellet machine is used for large scale industrial pellet production.

The main part of flat die pellet machine is a flat plate with many round holes where pellets are extruded and a pressing roller. As the die plate is flat, raw material is pressed from its above, while pellets go out from its bottom.

Biomass pellet machine flat die developing prospect

In recent years, the environment has been severely polluted. One of the main causes is the burning of fossil fuels like coal. As a result, it is quite significant to find a replacement to coal.

ZLSP230B flat die pellet machineBiomass pellet is one of the useful and efficient fuels to solve air pollution. It not only has good combustion performance, can burn fully, but is also least polluting and energy-saving. Besides, making pellets can take full advantage of the waste biomasses like sawdust, waste wood, bamboo shaving, grass, stalk, straw, hemp, etc.

Biomass pellets making is not only for industrial scale, but also can be realized by home or small workshops. The small scale biomass pellet production is achieved by flat die pellet machine. It has small size, so that it does not occupy too much place. Its low price also makes it affordable to most users.

With a flat die pellet machine, you can use wood pellets in a pellet stove to heat your house and cook; you can make pellets for sale in the market; you can also use the pellets to supply heat for your greenhouse, farm, stock barn; you can also use pellets as house, cow or sheep bedding, and cat litter.

The social significance of flat die pellet machine

Advantages to use biomass pellets

  1. biomass pelletsAs mentioned above, they are environmental friendly. 1ton of biomass pellets can replace 0.8-1ton coal, but the SO2 and CO2 emission is much less.
  2. Biomass pellets can burn for a long time. While burning, the stove or boiler can reach high temperature. Their heat value can be 3700-5000kcal/kg, and heat efficiency is as high as 90%, which is far higher than coal whose heat efficiency is 60%.
  3. Biomass pellets are easy to transport and store because their density is 0.9-1.2ton/m3.
  4. The burning cost is cheaper than coal, electricity, natural gas and fuel oil.