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GEMCO pellet mill FAQs summary 2014

Q: Can GEMCO pellet mill make organic fertilizer pellet?
A: Yes, it can. We made raw material test for customers before.
Q: Can I make 100kg/h pellets from the mixture of chicken manure and wood sawdust?
A: Yes. It is suggested to choose ZLSP200 small pellet mill.
Q: are the 7.5kw electric motors of ZLSP200B D-type and R-type pellet machine interchangeable?
A: Yes, they are.
Q: What is the maximum length of ZLSP200R pellet mill if the pellet cutter is removed?
A: It is estimated to be 60mm long. If the pellet cutter is not removed, pellet length can be as long as 40mm.
Q: what temperature in pellet pressing chamber is suitable for making pellets?
A: when it reaches 80-100℃.
Q: is the 5mm sawdust suitable for pelletizing?
A: Yes, it is.
Q: what is the power requirement of the tractor if I buy a ZLSP200PTO pellet mill?
A: the power of tractor shall be larger than 15HP but smaller than 45HP.
Q: some questions about ZLSP550B R-type pellet mill: 1. What oil shall be added in the gearbox? 2. Which part shall be lubricated? With what kind of lubricating oil? 3. What is the ampere when the electric motor works? 4. How long can it work continuously to produce pellets? 5. What is the height of material feeding hopper? 6. What is the height of pellet outlet?
A: 1. Add gear oil which has high viscosity; 2. Roller; add heat grease; 3. Normally 65-80A. 4. Add oil every 10-12h. 5. The feeding hopper is 1450mm above the floor; 5. The outlet is 750mm above the floor.
Q: Is the 12-17cm long dry grass suitable for making pellets directly?
A: No. the grass shall be crushed into 3-4mm in length with a hammer mill first.
Q: what is the total power of GEMCO small mobile pellet plant?
A: ZLSP300R pellet mill 22kw, crusher 15kw, draught fan 2.2kw, and others about 2.11kw. In total 41.31KW.
Q: what is the thickness of ZLSP300B pellet mill 8mm flat die? What is the thickness of ZLSP230B 6mm and 8mm flat die?
A: 300B, 8mm: 32mm. 230B, 6mm: 28mm; 8mm: 28mm.
Q: what is the smallest pellet mill die hole for sawdust?
A: 4mm
Q: Can you make electric motor of 3phase, 110V/120V, 60Hz for ZLSP200B R-type pellet mill?
A: yes, we can.
Q: Which hammer mill can be matched with ZLSP300B R-type pellet mill?
A: according to the output, TFS420 is enough.
Q: can you make 7mm flat die for ZLSP150B pellet machine?
A: yes, we can. But the cost may be higher than normal size.
If you have any other questions regarding biomass pellets production, please do not hesitate to contact us!