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homemade pellet machine

Nowadays many home users are interested in making pellets at home, not only because of the environmental friendliness of biomass pellets, but also because of the convenience of making pellets from those easy-to-get raw materials like waste wood or agricultural waste. As a result, homemade pellet machine (home pellet mill) has become widely used around the globe.

Where can you use homemade pellet machine?

homemade pellet machineYou can either use the pellet machine at home, in your far, in the field, or near your raw material. When you use at places where has access to electricity, you can use electric homemade pellet machine; if you use in the field where no electricity is available, you can choose diesel, PTO (tractor driven) pellet machine, or even gasoline pellet machine.

What is home pellet mill used for?

Why pellet machine becomes popular among home users?

Now the price of traditional fossil fuels is increasing, and they also harm the environment. Besides, more and more people are aware about the importance of environmental protection. As a result, those who have easy access to biomass raw material and have enough room to settle the pellet machine would like to make their own renewable fuel at home. And that’s why pellet machines become popular among home users.

How to make biomass pellets at home?  

What you need to prepare: raw material; homemade pellet machine; other equipments like hammer mill, dryer, cooler, etc. may also be needed.

What are the steps?
  1. wood pellets cat litterUsually the raw material larger than 5mm shall be pulverized by a hammer mill first. After pulverizing, the raw material becomes 2-5mm in diameter (various from species). If your raw material is already in such size, there is no need of pulverizing.
  2. Then the raw material shall be dried before pelletizing. Most of the time, raw material like straw or stalk may contain some amount of moisture, which is higher than required 8-18%. As a result, the dryer is a good help in decreasing raw material moisture content. After drying, the raw material can be conveyed into the homemade pellet machine.
  3. The powdery raw material is pressed into dense pellets. For different raw materials, you may need different types of pellet machines. While you can also choose different power sources like electric motor, diesel engine, PTO (tractor driven) or gasoline type. You can learn more about on how to choose a pellet press machine.
  4. After pelletizing, biomass pellets need to be cooled for usage or storage. If you only need homemade pellet machine in small capacity, you do not need to buy pellet cooler; if you want to produce pellets in medium capacity, you probably need a pellet cooler.
  5. At last, you can enjoy the heat produced by your own homemade pellets or use the pellets for your cattle.