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how can I find the best pellet mill

Every pellet mill buyer wants to find a best pellet mill and buy it. But how can I buy the best pellet mill? What kind of pellet mill is called “best pellet mill”? Here let’s learn together.

First of all, to buy a pellet mill with high quality and efficiency, the pellet mill manufacturer you find must has good reputation.

best pellet mill
Secondly, the capacity and application are more important when you buy pellet mill:
  1. For average home users, as they do not have much raw material and they make pellets for own use, there is no need to choose large ring die pellet mill. The small flat die pellet mill is enough to meet their requirements. They even do not need auxiliary equipments like hammer mill, dryer or cooler.
  2. For small workshops, they make pellets for sale, but they usually require capacity at less than 900kg/h. in this case, the small pellet mill is also applicable. In fact, a small pellet plant would be more suitable.
  3. But for large scale factories, obviously small pellet mill cannot reach demand, therefore we advise ring die pellet mill. Here we’d like to give you a TIP on saving cost: if your raw material is straw or similar that is easy to form pellet, you can choose several sets of flat die pellet mill; while if your raw material is sawdust that has poor adhesiveness, ring die pellet mill is your best choice.