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how to choose a satisfactory pellet mill machine

When we buy a pellet mill machine, the price is always the first factor that we must consider about. According to the statistics, the pellet mill machine prices are from 1500-17000 US dollars, the price is proportional to the quality of the machine, and the quality of pellet mill machine is uneven. But not to say the more expensive the machine is, the more excellent the quality is. Then how to purchase a satisfactory pellet mill machine at a willing price becomes the most basic concerns of the purchaser.

There are two types of pellet mill machines---ring die pellet mill and flat die pellet mill. The price of flat die pellet mill is far cheaper than that of the ring die pellet mill. For the following reasons, these two types of pellet mills are very different in price. For flat die pellet mill, there are some characteristics that determine the price of it. The wood flat die pellet mill is popular with medium or small scale production, of which the outputs range from 80-1000kg/h at most. It has low energy consumption, greater mobility. While the wood ring die pellet mill is suitable for large scale production, whose outputs are up to 0.8-2t/h at most. It is featured of high capacity, easily forming pellets and better performance.The above information is based on GEMCO, a well known Chinese company with advanced technology, excellent teams and high-quality products. Compared with GEMCO products, the general products have higher consumption at the same output, and the quality can not be guaranteed.  

ZLSP200B pellet mill machine

Buying pellet mill machine is to gain a benefit for long, so the pellet mill machine must be durable. If the machine only uses well at the beginning, the subsequent cost of maintenance can be a burden for the user. And the life span wouldn’t be long. Even if you buy a cheap machine, after all kinds of consumption, the actual price is not satisfying. GEMCO pellet mill machine adopts special materials and manufacture craft, and there is no crack risk for the machine. Naturally, the service life is extended, which reduces a lot of troubles for the user.

The power resource is also a big problem when buying the pellet mill machine. The price is certainly significant, and you also need pay attention to the power resource. If you live in the area that is convenient to get diesel, then you can choose a diesel pellet mill. If you are not access to gasoline and buy a pellet mill power by gasoline, which undoubtedly increases your unnecessary cost. GEMCO can meet clients’ needs according to their requirements. It has all kinds of pellet mill machines powered by electric motor, gasoline, diesel and PTO.

The price means not only the selling price, but also all kinds of costs. Only the pellet mill machine selling price adds all kinds of costs can the actual performance be shown, and the buyer can make a right decision which brand to purchase. All in all, GEMCO products are good choices for the buyer to consider about.