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rice husk pellet machine

Rice husk, also called rice hull, is the hard covering of rice. It has many usages, for example, used as fertilizer, pet food fiber, and so on. It also can be used as fuel to power steam engines. However, the combustion of rice husks will produce large quantity of smoke, which is bad to the environment.

Now, many people who run rice mills or who have sufficient supply of rice husk have been using rice husk pellet machine to make the rice husk into solid pellets. Usually, users would choose flat die pellet machine to process rice husk. The varying capacity (50-800kg/h) can meet the demand of different people.

rice husk     rice husk pellets
Rice husk Rice husk pellets

Why rice husk can be made into pellets fuel?

Rice husk pellet is a form of recycled energy. Rice husk belongs to biomass which is derived from plants. Rice can grow every year, and in some areas even 2 or 3 times per year. When you make the waste rice husk into pellets fuel, they can be highly efficient. With high density, customized size and stable calorific value, rice husk pellet can be used to replace coal, oil, diesel and woods for industry boiler, fireplace… Especially, Rice Husk Pellet is very suitable for many kinds of boiler, so it is easy to be replaced for dust coal.

After burning, the pellets residue or ash is also a good source of fertilizer to the soil, so that when you grow rice in the next year, it will bring good results.

Besides their using cost is low, rice husk pellets will also increase the life of boiler equipment and reduce the cost of environment treatment. So if you cultivate rice, it is really a good idea to make rice husk pellets with a set of rice husk pellet machine.

How to make pellets with rice husk pellet machine?

rice husk pellet machineThe production of rice husk pellets is similar to sawdust pellets production.
  1. The first step to make rice husk pellets is crushing. Although rice husk is in small size, it is still not small enough for pelletizing (2-5mm in diameter). This step you need a hammer mill.
  2. After crushing, it can be directly put into rice husk pellet machine, or dried before pelletizing if it contains moisture >20%. For rice husk making, we advise D-type small pellet machine, since it is cheaper and enough for rice husk. When fed into the operating pellet machine, rice husk powder will be pressed by the pressure between rotating flat die and the roller, and then be extruded through round die holes. After that, pellets are cut by a blade in the outlet of rice husk pellet machine.
  3. Then the rice husk pellets are cooled by a pellet cooler, or just let them cool by air. After cooling, the pellets can be used in stove, boiler, or packed in bags for storage.

Rice husk pellets specification:

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