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small pellet mill USA

USA is the world’s largest pellet exporter and also one of the biggest wood pellet manufacturing countries. It is rich in forest resources like pine, red maple, fir, etc. As a result, there are now numerous wood pellet plants in the United States to manufacture wood pellets for sale or for export.

It is reported that the wood pellets export to Europe from North America are in significant quantity: till 2014, more than 95% of wood pellets leaving US and Canada ports were destined for Europe. At the same time, the export to Asia also witnessed a noticeable increase, Korea being its NO.1 target market in Asia.

Besides, some home or farm owners also use fallen leaves or crop waste to make pellets as fuel. Now the pellet stoves are so popular that a large part of families in the US utilizes wood pellet stoves to replace traditional wood stoves. Also, there are some customers who buy wood pellets to use as horse bedding, cow bedding or cat litter, because wood pellets are excellent in such fields.

Now there are many pellet mills for sale in USA, some are domestically manufactured; some others are imported from other countries like China or India. These pellet mills are in diverse prices and quality. Then how to find the small pellet mill that suits you best when you are in USA?

small pellet mill usa

Find economical pellet mill USA

If you have a lot of money, you can buy those famous brands pellet mill USA. But if you are not as rich as Bill Gates, why not choosing a most economical one?

GEMCO Energy is a world leading pellet mill manufacturers. Although it is located in China, it has been exporting pellet mills to USA ever since it began to expand overseas. Every day it receives enquiries asking about the price of small electric pellet mills, diesel pellet mills, PTO pellet mills and gasoline pellet mills.

Below are latest enquiries from USA regarding small pellet mills:

If you want to buy a cost-effective pellet mill USA, please feel free to contact us or see more on product pages.
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