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what affects wood pellet maker yield

wood pellet makerSome users who have purchased wood pellet makers complained that its yield cannot reach the standard, and they are disappointed by wood pellet maker.

But in fact, they always prolong the working hours; as a result, the wood pellet maker is overloaded or even operates with some faults. Besides, the machine also cannot get timely maintenance, lubrication or cooling. At the same time, the molding part flat die and roller are not suitable for the raw material; users do not know much about the machine model and their raw material.

Such issues seem insignificant, but if they are not properly dealt with, the wood pellet maker machine yield will be affected.

Some factors that influence wood pellet maker yield

  1. The quality of wood pellet maker mould is one of the most important factors that affect yield.

The mould refers to pellet mill roller and die. They are the heart of wood pellet maker. Their quality determines the productivity. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to use original factory accessories or spare parts that can meet quality standards. In addition, the material, hardness and compression ratio of pellet mill die shall also be considered.

wood pellet maker roller and dieBefore starting the machine, adjust the clearance between the roller and die. This clearance cannot be too large or too small. If the clearance is too large, the pellet yield will be decreased, and the pellets density is low. If the clearance is too small, the roller and die will be worn fast, and their using life will be shortened.

Before using the pellet maker machine for the first time, user shall grind the machine carefully with the mixture of bran, fine sand and engine oil (in certain proportion) for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Then the machine can begin normal production without stop. During operation, the raw material wood powder can also be added small amount of oil in order to improve productivity and decrease mould weariness.

After production every day, the wood pellet maker shall be fed with the mixture of small amount of bran and edible oil and work for 1-2 minutes, so that the pellet maker die holes will be filled with oily material, and the next day user can directly use the machine for production. This method not only protects the mould and decreases energy consumption, but also increases yield. So when you choose wood pellet maker for sale, it is important to see the roller and die.

  1. Unreasonable mutual allocation of automaticity, structure, and mechanical property.
Small scale pellet maker machines can be fed by man power, and output pellets can be cooled by air. But for middle or large scale wood pellets making unit, the accessory facilities must be allocated reasonably and complete. For example, hammer mill, screw feeder, pellet cooler, dedusting and some other equipment are necessary. However, if the voltage is too low, raw material is changed frequently, raw material remains in the pellet maker, moisture content is improper, or the transmission part is not lubricated properly, the yield of wood pellet maker will also be influenced greatly.
  1. The most important is that, you shall choose a wood pellet maker according to your own demand.
You can tell the manufacturer about your requirements, and they will suggest you the most suitable one. (Learn more about how to choose pellet press machine.)