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why your flat die pellet mill has low yield

Sometimes, when you buy a flat die pellet mill and use it yourself, it may not reach the capacity as the seller advertised on their websites. Hence you are quite unsatisfied with the pellet mill. However, as a matter of fact, the productivity of flat die pellet mill is not only determined by the pellet mill quality, there are also some other factors that influence the pellet mill output.


  1. The roller rotates heavily which is caused by ash inside the flat die pellet mill roller or lubricating oil loses efficacy. This phenomenon is frequently seen to cause the roller rotation speed be unstable, which affects the output. So users should often check the working conditions of roller, avoid appearing such circumstance. The roller seal ring of GEMCO flat die pellet mill is made of high quality sealing ring that can bear 200℃ high temperature, and can effectively solve the problems of dust entring roller that caused by lax sealing of biomass pellet mill sealing ring, or damage, ultimatelty improve the yield of flat die pellet mill and the service life of the roller bearing.
  2. Material moisture content is uneven. In normal production, when the material moisture content changes, wet material need to be heated in pelletizing chamber until the moistuer is evaporated before compressed into pellets, so there is certain moisture evaporation time.befoer the water is evaporated, the pellets output is slow. So when appearing such circumstance, operator can adjust the material water content to solve the problem.

    flat die pellet mill

  3. The transmission parts of biomass pellet mill wear seriously. When the bearing and other parts of the transmission are seriously worn, it will appear uneven grain discharge speed; under such circumstance, such parts shall be replaced.
  4. The material size. if the material size is not treated properly, it will have great influence on the material discharge speed. Large materials shall go through repeated rolling before they go into the mold holes in pelletizing chamber, so material size need to be adjusted to appropriate size, generally 1-5mm in length if user wants to make 8mm diameter biomass pellets. If the raw material is too small, it will cause poor pellets forming and also increasesthe energy consumption of the crushing machine; if the material is thick, it may reduce the energy consumption of the crusher, but also cause poor pellets forming and, serious roller and die wearance. So the size of the material is very important.
  5. If the material discharge at the conditioner discharge hole is uneven, it will cause fluctuations to the operating current the flat die pellet mill and result in uneven pellet discharge. So user need to adjust the blades of conditioner.
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