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make full use of wood pellet machine for sale

Wood pellet machine for sale is the most important component in the whole pelletizing system. Its operation can directly affect final product quality.

Over years of running and testing, GEMCO has found how to correctly operate wood pellet machine:

  1. The size of raw material wood powder shall be less than 2/3 of pellet die hole so that it can penetrate the hole.
  2. The moisture content of raw material shall be 15%-18% (it various in accordance with material species and characteristics).
  3. It is advised to add a magnetic separating device before pelletizing in case to damage pellet machine molds.

Wood pellet machines for sale have the following features

Flat die wood pellet machine daily operation safety procedures

  1. Workers shall wear tight labor suits, do not open the cuffs wide, and do not wear gloves; wear crash helmet and anti-dust mask. When operating the wood pellet machine, workers must be fully concentrated.
  2. Check oil levels of the gearbox, wood pellet machine spindle bearing and roller bearing.
  3. Be familiar with the working principle and the structure and function of all parts in pellet machine.
  4. Before starting the wood pellet machine, check if there are impurities inside it. If the screws are loose, adjust main shaft screw nut by a wrench and lock it.
  5. The electric motor must be started without any load, then it can work normally.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the pelletizing chamber in case of accidents. Your body must have no contact with the pellet machine to guarantee safety.
  7. The wood pellet machine must have ground connection. Before checking the machine, cut off electricity first.
  8. During operation, check and clear away metal scraps in the inlet. If there are abnormal circumstances, stop the wood pellet machine immediately.