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Find Reliable Wood Pellet Machine Manufacturers

Which wood pellet machine manufacturer is reliable? This question may be one of the most concerning matters when users buy wood pellet machine. Here let’s learn together how to find a reliable pellet machine manufacturer.

How to choose proper wood pellet machine manufacturer and wood pellet machine equipment?

  1. Wood pellet mill quality
  1. Can the wood pellet machine meet my demand? Is the pellet machine for making fuel pellets or for making animal feed? You may have learnt that many manufacturers supply pellet machines for feed in the name of wood pellet machine. But in fact feed pellet machine is not able to process hard materials as wood! So you should keep an eye on the manufacturer.
  2. How long can the wood pellet mill be used? For several years, or just several months? There are many pellet mills with poor quality but LOW PRICE can only be used for less than one year! When you have bought such kind of pellet mill, in fact you have paid a much higher price for making pellets in the long run!
  3. wood pellet machine manufacturerIf I only have small space for placing the pellet machine but I want a complete small pellet line, what will the supplier plan for me? Many inexperienced pellet machine manufacturers are hard to design the most satisfactory plant for customers. But experienced manufacturer (like GEMCO) can do!
  1. What is the scale of wood pellet machine manufacturer?
Generally you can get a general idea of the manufacturer from what is described on its website, for example, is it a small workshop, or a professional manufacturing plant? As a matter of fact, you can judge this from the photos of the factory environment. For example, by visiting the About Us page of GEMCO Energy, you can find it a professional manufacturer of pellet machine, since it has advanced processing equipments, professional R&D team, and strict rules on manufacturing and inspecting.
  1. Does the manufacturer have complete after-sales service?
If a wood pellet machine manufacturer has complete and overall after-sales service regulations, it proves this manufacturer is trustable, which also means you will have no worries behind.
  1. If you still do not believe the manufacturer after checking the above details, you can pay a visit to the manufacturer. An old Chinese saying goes, “To see is to believe.”

World leading wood pellet machine manufacturer—GEMCO

GEMCO, as one of the leading wood pellet machine manufacturers, devotes itself to the research and development of new type green energy processing equipment. Then why can you trust GEMCO instead of other manufacturers?