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wood pellet maker machine note for use

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Wood pellet maker machine is widely used by home owners and small plants because of its wide application, good raw material adaptability, easy operation, environmental-friendliness, etc. With people’s awareness of environmental protection, more and more people buy pellet maker machines to make wood pellets. But do you know what you need to notice when using the wood pellet maker machine? Here let’s learn together.

Notes about wood pellet maker machine

  1. Users shall equip different machines in accordance with your own requirements, production task and technological process. All the machines besides wood pellet maker machine shall exert their productivity.
  2. It is better to find good working environment and conditions for the wood pellet maker machine. For example, install necessary protection, dampproof, anticorrosion, warmth keeping and cooling devices. Besides, measuring, controlling and safeguarding devices are also necessary.
  3. Formulate the rules and regulations depending on the characteristics and operation requirements of different equipments, such as Safe Operation Rules, System of Post Responsibility, and so on.
  4. Arrange qualified workers to operate the wood pellet maker machine and other equipments. New workers are not allowed to operate the machine independently until he is trained and qualified.
  5. wood pellet maker machineIf the wood pellet maker machine needs to work for long time, it shall be fixed on a cement base. If it is moved frequently, the wood pellet maker and electric motor shall be installed on a machine base that is made from angle iron.
  6. After installing the wood pellet maker machine, check if all the fastening pieces are tightly fastened. If any part is loose, tighten up immediately.
  7. Before starting the pellet maker machine, twirl the rotor by hand first to check if the hock and rotor can turn flexibly, no crashes inside, the rotating direction is the same with required direction, and if the electric motor and wood pellet maker machine are well lubricated.
  8. Do not replace the belt pulley randomly, in case too high rotation speed will cause explosion inside the hammer mill, and too low speed will affect working efficiency.
  9. When you crush the raw material, start the hammer mill and let it run without material for 2-3mins. If there is no abnormal phenomenon, you can feed the raw material. And also check the raw material carefully in case there is copper, iron, or stones inside that damage the hammer mill.
  10. When operating the wood pellet maker machine, pay attention to its running status. Operator shall feed raw material evenly in case of blockage. Never make the machine overload for long time. If there is vibration, noise, overheat or spray material, operator shall stop the machine immediately to check if there are some problems happened to it.
  11. Besides, when feeding raw material manually into the wood pellet maker machine, remember to stand at its side instead of front, in order to prevent being hurt by rebound stuff.