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wood pelleting machine

wood pelleting machineWood pelleting machine has been a hot sale machine ever since its invention. The reason is that nowadays fossil fuel is decreasing sharply, and people’s awareness of environmental protection grows. The main wood pellet manufacturing and consuming countries include USA, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Serbia, India, Finland, and many others.

Wood pellets are a source of renewable energy that is produced from various wood wastes. Previously they are mainly used for home heating or boiler heating. But in recent years, wood pellets have become the alternative fuel in large scale power generation in many places.

The pellets made by wood pelleting machine can be 6, 8, 10mm in diameter (1/4, 5/16, 4/9inch) with cylindrical stick shape.

Why pelleting machine can make wood into pellets?

We know that wood is a kind of plant, so it contains some components as: cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin.

How to use the wood pelleting machine efficiently?

  1. Make sure the raw material moisture content is between 8-18%. Too wet will block the pelleting machine die holes; too dry will not form wood pellets.
  2. The length of wood material cannot exceed the diameter of die hole. For instance, if the diameter of die hole is 6mm, the length of wood sawdust cannot be longer than 6mm. besides, the wood powder cannot contain any stones or hard objects; otherwise they may probably damage the machine.
  3. Our wood pelleting machine is designed to pelletize without binder. However, if you make pellets for sale and want good appearance of pellets, you can add some binder. The binder will also increase capacity and prolong service life of die, roller and other wearing parts.
  4. Inspect the pelleting machine before operation. A. Check whether the spare parts are firmly connected or not. See if the bolts screwed on both side of the roller are tight enough to avoid falling bolts damage the roller. B. Check if the safety protection is complete or not. Before operation, please check the electric motor, electric cabinet and wires to prevent the possibility of electricity leakage. Make sure safety shield works well; check if the floor is wet or not to avoid accident.
  5. Adjust the clearance between pelleting machine roller and die. The clearance between roller and die has great impact on pellets quality. The best clearance is 0.1mm-0.3mm. this clearance depends on raw material species. When the clearance is larger than 0.3mm, the pelleting capacity will be reduced by thick material on the die. When the clearance is less than 0.1mm, it will aggravate the wearing of roller and die.