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ABC Company Small Pellet Machinery in 124th Canton Fair

124th China import and export fair will be held in Guangzhou from 15th to 19th Oct. 2018. As the frequent participator, ABC Machinery is going to attend this fair for more opportunity to cooperate with clients from all the world. This year, we are bringing our small pellet machinery and mini pellet plant, welcome the new investors who have interest in pellet machinery industry to visit our small pellet machinery and mini pellet plant.

124th Canton Fair Exhibition Info

ABC Company Small Pellet Machinery in 124th Canton Fair

About ABC Machinery

ABC Machinery is the pioneer in pellet and feed machinery industry of China, devoting to the R&D of pellet machinery since he founding of company in 2004, possessing our own pellet machinery manufacturing factory and R&D  team consisting of professional technicians. With 14 years of experiences in the pellet equipment industry, ABC Machinery has obtained good reputation from clients around the world, including America, Japan, Korean, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. 

About Small Pellet Machinery

Our small pellet machinery can be divided into different types with different accordance.
About ABC Machinery
All kinds of small pellet machines mentioned are designed and developed with simple structure, easy installation, operation and maintenance, covering a small area, low energy consumption, is very suitable for the new investors who have interests in pellet machinery industry.

Small Pellet Machinery Used in Mini Pellet Plant

Mini Pellet Plant
Small pellet machinery is widely used in mini pellet plant, which is also called mini pellet production line with a series of  equipments are crusher, conveyor, dryer, small pellet machine, cooler etc. It is designed  with simple and compact structure, reasonable design, , easy operation, requiring less labors and low investment, is very suitable for new investors of pellet machinery industry. According to the different requirements of customers from different regions, we can customize the mini pellet plant.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the Canton Fair to know more about our small pellet machinery and mini pellet plant.