mobile pellet plant 250-450kg/h

The mobile pellet plant that produces 250-350kg/h (MPL300) or 350-450kg/h (MPL400) is one of GEMCO hot sale small biomass pellet plants. It is also portable, because all its parts are fixed on a foundation frame, so that you can move it to wherever you need conveniently.

This mobile pellet plant is composed of hammer mill, cyclone separator, material mixing & storage bin, ZLSP300B R-type pellet machine (or ZLSP400B R-type pellet machine), water tank, vibrating screen, bucket conveyor, foundation frame and electric cabinet. When using it, you just need to put the raw material into the hammer mill (or this step can be replaced by a screw feeder), and collect the pellets at the end.

mobile pellet plantportable pellet plant front
portable pellet plantmobile pellet plant back

Raw material for mobile pellet plant

This small mobile pellet plant can process materials with less than 20mm diameter, such as wood shaving, wood chip, sawdust, corn stalk, cotton stalk, wheat straw, rice straw, and so on.

Technical data of mobile pellet plant

Model MPL300/MPL400
Pellet diameter 6-12mm
Capacity 250-350kg/h or 350-450kg/h
Total power 41.25kw/49.25kw
Pellet density 1.1-1.3t/m3
Required moisture content of raw material ≤8%
Overall size (L*W*H) 3500*1960*3500mm

How does the pellet plant work?

The mobile pellet making plant goes this way:

Detailed introduction to the portable pellet plant

  1. hammer mill

hammer millThe hammer mill has 15 hammer blades. By changing the position of blades, it can crush wood or other soft biomass agricultural crop waste. Note: the input raw material shall be less than 20mm in diameter. After crushing, the size of raw material reaches 3-5mm.
Features: its blades are made from high-carbon alloy steel; it adopts a high-speed crushing system. The safety locks on the shell and protecting fence inside the feeder guarantee operator safety.
  1. Cyclone separator

It can transport the crushed powder material into the storage bin for mixing and storage. Besides, it is connected with a vibrating screen which cool and screen the pellets, so that this separator can collect the powder and dust screened from the pellet cooler for reproduction.
  1. storage bin

The storage bin has 1m3 volume, so that material can be stored in the bin to wait for pelletizing. The palled type mixers can mix the materials to make them have same moisture content. The screw conveyor inside it is used to convey and feed the mixed material into the pellet machine.
  1. ZLSP300B R-type pellet machine (or ZLSP400B R-type pellet machine)

    Model ZLSP 300B R ZLSP 400B R
    Wood Pellet Capacity(Kg/hour) 250~350 350~450
    Packing Size (MM) 1350*750*1400 1400*800*1450
    Motor Power (KW) 22 30
    Net Weight / Gross Weight (Kg) 540/575 770/810
    Diam. of final pellets (mm) 6~12
    Material of flat die & roller Alloy Steel
    Service life of flat die & roller Min. 800 hours
The ZLSP R-type pellet machine is an excellent model for biomass pellets making. It is especially suitable for making wood pellets.
  1. Vibrating screen

The vibrating sieve is used to cool the pellets, remove and collect the dust and biomass powder for reproduction. It is very efficient in pellets production.
  1. Scraper conveyor

This scraper conveyor is used to elevate the pellets to a higher position for convenient packing or pellets collection. Its length, angle and height can be adjusted.
  1. Electric control system

It has compact control cabinet with dust preventing function. Electric components adopt high quality Schneider Electric brand. Convenient control board.

This mobile pellet plant system is for manual operation situation; all machines should be started up as the following steps:

Air blower fan ---hammer mill ---mixing system --- scraper conveyor ---vibrating screen ---pellet mill ---screw conveyor