small feed mill plant

Small Feed Mill Plant for Sale

Small Feed Mill Plant for Sale
Small feed mill plant, also called small feed pellet plant or feed pellet production line, is the processing machinery for pressing feed pellets. With directly pressing the crushed corn, soybean meal, straws, grass, rice, peanut vine etc into pellet, small feed mill plant is widely used for middle and small crop feed production factory, poultry farm, livestock farm, aquaculture industry, individual farmer and medium and small farm, individual and medium and small feed making factory, belonging to feed pellet machinery.

Small Feed Mill Process

Small Feed Mill Process
The main equipments are crusher, stirring mixer, feed pellet machine, cooler, packer and belt conveyor, silo, screw feeder etc.
Usually, the combination with two and two more feed pellet equipments is called feed mill plant or feed pellet set. The combination of these equipments makes the production more smoother, automatic, efficiently reducing the manual operation and improving the working efficiency. The complete processing of small feed mill plant consists of crushing system, mixing system, pelleting system, cooling system, packing system. 

Key Equipment: Small Feed Pellet Mill

Key Equipment: Small Feed Pellet Mill
(Small Feed Pellet Mill: Single Output 50-80kg/H)

Why the small feed pellet mill is the key equipment of feed mill plant? Because one feed pellet mill is enough if the raw materials of client is proper. Flat die feed pellet mill is always matched with small feed mill plant, which is designed with simple structure, easy operation small volume, light weight, easy maintenance, low investment price and various types, very suitable for home use, farm use, medium and small feed factory etc.

Why Use Small Scale Feed Mill Plant?

Small Feed Mill Projects

600kg/h small feed mill project 800kg/h small feed mill project
1t/h small feed mill plant 2t/h small feed mill plant

High Performance of Small Feed Production Line

The equipment combination types is professionally researched and designed according to raw material situation and the types of required finished product, we can customize the detailed small feed mill process for the clients. We have different pelleting dies equipped in the feed pellet mill, just through replacing the die with proper compression ratio can help you to make different size of feed pellets, meeting different requirements of animals, reducing production cost and improving the production performance of small feed production line. Want to build your own small feed mill plant? Contact Us!
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