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Small pellet mill refers to the flat die pellet machine that produces 50-800kg/h. it is widely used to make pellets from wood waste (softwood and hardwood), sawdust, bamboo powder, stalk, straw, rice husk, peanut shell, sunflower husk, etc.

The small pellet mill is suitable for both home use and industrial use. It can be used by home owner, farm, and small workshop plants, and so on to produce biomass pellets for home heating stove, central boiler, cooking, horse bedding, etc.

There are 2 types of small pellet mill machines with Electric Motor: D-type and R-type. (Other power sources like diesel engine, PTO or gasoline engine see pellet mills.) D-type has comparatively lower price, but R-type has much better performance. You can click the picture below to read more about the pellet machines.

D-type small pellet mill R-type small oellet mill
>>D-type small pellet mill for soft wood and agricultural waste<< >>R-type small pellet machine for hard wood<<

How to distinguish D-type small pellet mill and R-type small pellet machine?

The D-type is short for Die rotating type, which means pellet mill die (also called plate or disk) rotates and roller is stationary; while R-type is short for Roller rotating type, which means its roller rotates and die is stationary.

D-type (flat die rotates)                                                                        R-type (roller rotates)

D-type  R-type

When making biomass pellets, the flat die of D-type pellet mill rotates, and drives the material and roller to turn in the same direction. Under such compound motion, the material can fully enter the pressing zone, which is good to biomass pellets forming.

For R-type pellet mill, the initiative rotation of roller is beneficial to the pressing of material, and it also drives the material to move, which can promote the stirring of material. The large diameter roller shaft can bear the counterforce of hard wood.

The high forming speed of D-type small pellet mill can increase productivity of softwood and agricultural waste.

The comparatively low forming speed of R-type small pellet mill decreases its sensitiveness to hard wood material, so that the pellets can have higher hardness, density and better appearance.

If you are just a beginner to biomass pellets production, you can choose a cheap D-type pellet mill for trial. But if you want to make high quality wood pellets (especially hardwood), it is suggested to choose R-type small pellet machine. Or you can contact us to get professional advice now!

r-type pellet mill r-type pellet mill d-type pellet mill d-type pellet mill