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Best GEMCO Pellet Mill Manufacturer from China

Biomass energy is always the important energy that the human being depends on, the fourth largest energy source in the world, ranking only second to coal, petroleum and gasoline, among which biomass pellet is the main power of biomass energy. Biomass alternative fuels accounts for more than 40% of global energy consumption in the entire energy system. Biomass has attracted attention from various countries due to its renewable characteristics, low pollution, wide distribution, wide application, and abundant totality.
Biomass Energy Wood Pellets
Conforming to the trend of the times, Anyang GEMCO pellet mill manufacturer is the earliest enterprise engaged in the research of biomass energy machinery in China, from the initial small flat die pellet machine to the large-scale ring-die complete pellet production line. The more the types of pellet machine grows, the richer the suitable raw materials variety becomes.

Possessing advanced machinery manufacturing equipment, the company is a domestic professional manufacturer integrating research, development, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of biomass energy machinery. Introducing world-class granulator production technology, the pellet machine manufactured by GEMCO pellet mill manufacturer are reasonable in design, reliable in quality, simple in structure, convenient in operation, small in size, small in footprint, labor-saving and power-saving; GEMCO manufactured pellet mill have a wide range of applications, and can use gasoline, diesel, motor, PTO structure and other power methods, suitable for producing feed pellet and wood pellet. And the produced pellet sells well at home and abroad, directly being exported to more than 50 countries and regions, such as, Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa etc, getting high praise of our new and old clients due to the features of high quality, high output, low energy consumption, thus being called the best pellet mill manufacturer in China.
GEMCO Pellet Mill

GEMCO Pellet Mill Manufacturer

GEMCO pellet mill manufacturer is the pioneer of China's biomass energy machinery; a member of the China Rural Energy Industry Association, a member of China's flat-mold biomass molding technology standard development group, ISO9000 and EU CE certification enterprises. Possessing 8 patents for technology such as biomass compact molding and with more than 80% of the products are exported overseas, GEMCO is a Class A enterprise of China Export Customs. After more than ten years of continuous innovation and development, GEMCO pellet mill manufacturer has accumulated strong technical research and development strength and established a comprehensive after-sales service system. It possess more than 150 employees, 20 million Yuan of fixed assets, covering an area of 65 acres. And a technological researching center is built, with pellet machine R & D project department, briquetting machine R & D project department, rod making machine R & D project department, renewable energy machinery project department are set up in the center. Possessing 25 technical R&D personnel, 8 senior engineers with doctor or master degree, GEMCO belongs to the state encouraged new energy machinery manufacturing enterprises.
GEMCO Pellet Mill Manufacturer
Persisting on the enterprise purpose of “Honesty, Quality First, Customer First”, GEMCO pellet mill manufacturer establishes a relatively complete quality management system, based on the principle of “being responsible to customers and products”. From raw material procurement to production process control, from the production of machine parts to product assembly and delivery, it strictly controls every detail in the production process to ensure that the products are qualified products. The company will achieve great achievements with its strength, promote development with innovation, shape the future with quality, and strive to build an influential biomass machinery manufacturing industry group in the country and the world.
Which pellet mill manufacturer to choose?  GEMCO pellet mill manufacturer from China.