small pellet plant

Small pellet plant means the biomass pellet plant has small capacity (50-800kg/h). Usually if you want to make pellets for sale or own use, you need a complete pellet plant instead of a single pellet machine.

small pellet plant working process

small pellet plant process


Composition of small biomass pellet plant

  • Crusher/hammer mill: this is one of the basic components for a complete biomass pellet plant. If you have raw material larger than 5mm diameter sawdust, you probably need a crusher (hammer mill) for your pellet plant. Its function is to crush or pulverize the biomass raw material into 2-5mm in diameter (varies depending on raw material status).
hammer mill
  • Dryer: most of the biomass raw materials may contain moisture higher than 12%, sometimes even can be 50%, which is unsuitable for direct pelletizing. As a result, the pulverized material shall be dried before pelletizing. In small pellet plant for biomass, we use airflow dryer (instead of rotary drum dryer used in large pellet plant) because of its small capacity and low price. It is also a highly efficient model that can dry the material to required moisture content in one time.
  • Screw conveyor and feeder: they are mainly used to convey and feed the biomass into the small pellet machine.
  • Small pellet machine: the pellet machine can be electric type; also can be diesel, PTO or gasoline type. When raw material powder is fed into the pellet machine, the roller and flat die will press it and extruded through the die holes, finally solid biomass pellets are formed.
pellet mill
  • Pellet cooler: the biomass pellets just made out will have high temperature (80-100℃). So you’d better cool them down and then use or pack them. For cooling pellets, a pellet cooler is good help. It can save you a lot of time and labor for your mass biomass pellets production. But if you just need small capacity (50-100kg/h), the cooler is unnecessary.
  • If you make pellets for sale, you probably need a pellet packing machine.

At GEMCO we have 3 types of small pellet mill plants for you to choose. You can click the pictures below to see more details.
600-800kg/h pellet line 600-800kg/h pellet line mobile pellet plant 250-450kg/h mobile pellet plant 250-450kg/h 200-500kg/h small wood pellet plant 200-500kg/h small wood pellet plant