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How Much is A Pellet Manufacturing Machine

There are people always asking one question: how much is a pellet manufacturing machine? When receiving this massage, I feel it likely that the price is only depends on the pellet manufacturer. Actually, it is decided by the output of the pellet manufacturing machine, and the output is decided by the type.
How Much is A Pellet Manufacturing Machine?
However, making pellet is not as easy as what you think that only one wood pellet manufacturing machine is enough. Firstly, you should know what your raw material is? What the moisture content is? What output requirement is? Based on the answers of these three questions, we can offer the best configuration plan. (Related references: 250-450kg/H Mobile Pellet Plant)

First, raw material moisture content control for manufacturing pellets.

The pellet has a very strict moisture content for the raw material. Too high moisture content results the die hole blocking, thus the pellet can not be discharged from the die hole smoothly; with too low moisture content, the pellet is not easy to be formed and the viscosity is not enough. The wood pellet manufacturing machine requires the moisture content of the raw material be in 12%-20%. It is very important to control the moisture content before feeding the raw material in the pellet manufacturing machine.
raw material moisture content control

Next, raw material size for pellet manufacturing machine.

If your raw material moisture meets the requirements, one sawdust pellet manufacturing machine can easily produce the sawdust pellet. If it doesn’t meet the requirement, the raw material should be dried, dryer and hot wind furnace should be equipped. And this happens in this situation that your raw material is sawdust. If your raw material is wood chips (the thickness is greater than 0.5mm), crusher should be equipped, which is to say that another process is added. But some customers’ raw materials are wood scraps, because the price of wood scraps is cheap, easy to buy, and a lot of this situation exist, a wood chipping machine is suggested to equip, firstly to cut wood scraps into wood chips, and then to crush.
raw material size control
Additionally, there have the raw material of some customer is the waste building template, it is needy to change the wood chipper into bamboo crusher. One reason is that the bamboo board itself has a lot of iron nails. If using the wood chipper, the knife will be broken by the iron mails. Another one is that the waste building template has a large width.  While the feeding hopper is 50 cm wide, it is impossible that the worker crushes the waste plates before starting production. But for the feeding hopper of the bamboo board crusher, the bamboo board which less than 1.25cm can enter the machine easily, and the trowel for bamboo board crusher is ingot knife, decreasing the influence from the iron nail, not as easy as the knife of the wood chipper breaks. Additionally, using bamboo board for wood pellet has another advantage that bamboo board has low moisture.

Lastly, auxiliary equipment.

If the output of the wood pellet machine exceeds 500kg/h, a cooler is required. Because the temperature of the freshly produced wood pellets is about 50-60 degrees, with steaming, the purpose of cooling is to cool the pellets, using the wind to extract the heat and steam, meeting the standard of pellet sale. If it is not cooled, unless it is in a hurry to sell in bags, the water vapor and heat after bagging will be anti-moisture after bagging and sealing, affecting the forming and appearance of the pellets.
pellet coolerpellet packer
(Pellet Cooler and Pellet Packer)
After all entioned above, “how much is a pellet manufacturing machine? ” is a question that needing you to fully consider. You’d better know about the most suitable equipment for you according to your own actual condition, not just thinking that only low price is enough. If you would like to know more information about pellet manufacturing machine, please contact us!