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How to Improve Production Efficiency of Wood Pellet Press

Want to improve the production efficiency of the wood pellet machine? Firstly, you should know what kind of wood pellet press that you have. Wood pellet press is also called biomass pellet machine, mainly using crop straw, straw, straw, weeds, branches, leaves, sawdust, bark, peanut shells, corn cob, cotton stalks, soybean stalks as raw material. Through crushing, pressurization, densification, molding, small solid pellet press is finished, which is environmentally protective, saving the resources.
Wood Pellet Press
The common wood pellet production procedures are: raw material collection → raw material crushing → raw material drying → pelleting → pellet packing for sale. When pelleting, pay attention not to pack immediately because the principle of heat expansion and cold shrinkage. After cooling for 40 minutes, pack them for transportation.

Correct Operation of Wood Pellet Press

In many cases, workers operate the sawdust pellet machine improperly, or lack of experience may cause problems in the pellet machine production process. There are many customers who operate the wood pellet press improperly thus causing low production efficiency. So, in the use of particle machine production, we need to constantly master the new technology. The following tips is summarized from the experience accumulated in the actual production process, combined with some customer feedback.
  1. Uniform feeding. Doing like this can smoothen the pelleting, keeping high-speed running of machine.
  2. Choosing pelleting die with suitable hole diameter. Some users use the pelleting die with smaller diameter, causing low output, even the pellet is not discharged. So, when buying wood pellet press, you should carefully ask the salesman about the pelleting die diameter.
  3. Adjust the interval between the pelleting die and pressing roller. Appropriate pressure makes the degree of maturation, compactness of particles to achieve a good effect.
  4. Keep the pellet press clean. Users often do not pay attention to keep the pellet machine clean during production, which reduces the machine lifetime. So, pay attention to keep the machine clean, and regular cleaning is necessary.
  5. Regularly keep the wood pellet press lubricated. Regularly add the grease and lubrication oil. Regularly clean the molding plate. Generally speaking, adding grease improves the using efficiency.
Correct operation not only improves the production efficiency, but also prolongs the lifetime.

Why is Biomass Wood Pellet Press So Popular at Present?

The final product produced by wood pellet press has the following advantages: How to choose a quality supplier?