200-500kg/h small wood pellet plant

The 200-500kg/h wood pellet plant is a small scale wood pellet plant, which is suitable for small farms or people who want to enter the pellet production field. It is in fact not complex.

The wood pellet plant can process not only wood chip, wood shaving, sawdust, but also agricultural waste and straw, stalk, grass, alfalfa, etc.

200-500kg/h small wood pellet plant

The working process of wood pellet plant

Wood raw material processing (chipping, crushing)—drying—pelletizing—cooling—packing and storage.

What equipments does small wood pellet plant include?

Crusher, Conveyor, Dryer, Conveyor, Small pellet mill (electric, diesel, PTO or gasoline), Cooler, etc.

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GEMCO wood pellet plant advantages