r-type pellet mill

R-type pellet mill is actually a wood pellet machine, since it is specially designed for hardwood as elm tree, oak, birch, cypress, hickory, basswood, cherry, larch, maple, poplar, etc.

Its capacity ranges from 80-800kg/h, which makes it suitable for commercial and industrial use. It is also the main part in mobile pellet plant.

Wood pellet machine specifications

200B R-type wood pellet machine ZLSP200B R-type
Power 3phase, 7.5kw
Output 80-120kg/h
N.W./G.W. 215/245kg
Package Size 950*450*1050mm
300B R-type wood pellet machine ZLSP300B R-type
Power 3phase, 22kw
Output 250-350kg/h
N.W./G.W. 540/575kg
Package Size 1350*750*1400mm
400B R-type wood pellet machine ZLSP400B R-type
Power 3phase, 30kw
Output 350-450kg/h
N.W./G.W. 770/810kg
Package Size 1400*800*1450mm
550B R-type wood pellet machine ZLSP550B R-type
Power 3phase, 55kw
Output 500-800kg/h
N.W./G.W. 1770kg
Package Size 2300*750*1850mm

Below is a operation video of 400B R-type pellet machine

Features of R-type wood pellet machine

How to make wood pellets

  1. wood pelletsMake sure the wood raw material is in proper size: 2-5mm in diameter. If raw material is sawdust, it does not need to be pulverized. If raw material is wood chip, wood shaving or larger size, it shall be pulverized by crusher/hammer mill into 2-5mm diameter.
  2. Dry the wood powder/sawdust: wood raw material or sawdust usually contains too much moisture, which is much higher than the required pelletizing moisture content: 8-12%. As a result, they need to be dried by the dryer before pelletizing.
  3. Feed the wood sawdust into wood pellet machine: the dried sawdust will be fed by the screw feeder into the pellet making machine hopper. Then sawdust enters the pelletizing chamber. Under the pressure of rotating roller, sawdust is extruded through the stationary die holes, and pellets are formed and cut by pellet cutter at the outlet.
  4. Cool the pellets: after pelletizing, wood pellets are very hot. Under such circumstance, they can be cooled by air, or a pellet cooler. After cooling, the wood pellets can be put into use or packed for sale and storage.

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