hammer mill

The hammer mill (also known as crusher) is a piece of pre-processing equipment for small pellet plant. It is used to pulverize the large size biomass raw material into smaller 2-5mm in diameter to be suitable for pelletizing.

Usually the hammer mill can process soft materials as agricultural waste, or wood chips and shavings. If you raise cattle, this hammer mill can also help you make animal feed from agricultural waste.

There are 2 types of hammer mills

Motor driven hammer mill Diesel driven hammer mill
hammer mill diesel hammer mill

Motor-driven type hammer mill

Type Power (kW) Output (kg/h) Weight (kg) Package size (mm)
TFS158 Single phrase 2.2/Three phrase 200-300 75/95 620x490x620
TFS420 7.5 300-600 285/310 1200x1000x1220
TFS420 11 300-600 310/330 1200x1000x1220
TFS500 11 600-800 420/440 2000x900x1700
TFS500 15 600-800 435/460 2000x900x1700

Diesel-driven type hammer mill

Type Capacity (Hp) Output (kg/h) Weight (kg) Package size (mm)
TFS420 15 300-600 355/385 1400x1000x1220
TFS420 22 300-600 380/400 1400x1000x1220
TFS500 30 600-800 400/420 2000x900x1700