gasoline pellet mill

Gasoline pellet mill is developed to meet the requirements of people who do not have easy access to electricity but have sufficient gasoline and want to make biomass pellets. Now there are only 2 models of gasoline pelletizer machine: ZLSP120Q and ZLSP150Q. Details pls see below.

Gasoline pelletizing machine specification

gasoline pelletizing machine Model Power Capacity Weight Packing Size
ZLSP120Q 7.5 HP 40-80kg/h 120/140kg 900*500*730mm
90-180lbs/h 265/310lbs 35*20*29inch
ZLSP150Q 10 HP 50-100kg/h 180/220kg 1000*500*750mm
110-220lbs/h 400/580lbs 39*20*30 inch
As the gas engine powered pelletizer machine only has small capacities, it is only suitable for farm or home use instead of large scale production.

Advantages of GEMCO gasoline pelletizer machine