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ABC Machinery Visiting Indonesia for Biomass Pelletizing Machine

From 19th Aug. to 2nd Sep.2018, a professional group consisting of ABC Machinery R&D team and sales team representatives had been sent to Indonesia for visiting local biomass pelletizing machine industry development. As we all know that Indonesia abounds with wood and palm oil which bringing large and potential market of wood pelletizing and palm fiber pelletizing. This visiting to Indonesia aims to have a deep understanding about the Indonesian situation of biomass pelletizing industry, bringing local enterprises a new model of seeking for more benefits.

Biomass Pelletizing Process Explanation to Indonesian Clients

Biomass Pelletizing Process Explanation to Indonesian Clients
When the processing had been finished, the clients showed big interest in the biomass pelletizing and have idea to investing the biomass pelletizing machine.

Complete Set of Biomass Pelletizing Machine

Our professional personnel of R&D team had told the clients the details about biomass pelletizing process, which includes crushing, drying, pelletizing, cooling, packing etc. 

A Lot of Biomass Waste is Waiting to Be Processed in Indonesia

For producing biomass pellets, enough raw material is the key point. In Indonesia, there are many wood processing factory and palm oil factory, producing a mount of wood residues like sawdust, wood chips and shaving, twigs, branches etc. and lots of palm fiber, palm oil wood.
A Lot of Biomass Waste is Waiting to Be Processed in Indonesia
All of these can be used for making biofuel pellets. So, collecting raw material is not a question, you can make an agreement with the wood factory or the oil factory for collecting the raw materials.

Great Harvest of Indonesian Visiting

Our team had not only made an investigation about the local biomass pelletizing market, but also had face-to-face discussion with the clients who kept in touch with our salesman. Our personnel took multiple biomass pelletizing solution and explained them to the clients who are from the local large-lot producers. They were satisfied with our visiting because they saw our sincerity and strength in the related industry.
face-to-face discussion about biomass pelletizing machine project
(Face-To-Face Discussion about Biomass Pelletizing Machine Project)
After discussion with Indonesian clients, some clients told our visiting team that they would consider the business project plan and would prepay us for the project of biomass pelletizing machine to us. Therefore, this visiting to Indonesia gave us great harvest, including having deep knowledge about the market situation and making a lot of friends, which would promote the common corporation development between Indonesian clients and us.