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Amazing Small Animal Pellet Feed Processing Facility Waiting for You!

Purpose for Feed Pelleting

People always define the feed pellet as “agglomerated feeds processed with extruding one kind or more kinds of raw materials by the mechanical compressing and forcing from the forming mould”.
Purpose for Feed Pelleting
Generally, the processing of making feed pellets is mainly stands for the process of taking the unpalatable, hard-to-handle, finely divided and sometimes dusty feed raw materials to compress, after the process of moisture adjustment, heating, compressing etc, the loose raw materials will be formed into large and unformed size and length which is easy to manage, store, transport.

Small Animal Pellet Feed Processing Facility for Sale

The equipment for pelleting feed raw materials is named small animal pellet feed processing facility, mainly including the single equipment called small feed pellet making machine and complete small animal pellet feed processing production line. The former is widely used for home use, small scale animal farms, individual feed processing workshop etc; while the later one is widely equipped in large animal farms, animal feed processing factories etc.
Small feed pellet processing machine is generally means our feature flat die feed pellet machine, due to the small size, simple structure, small land occupation, low power requirement, it is also called as small feed pellet machine.
Small Animal Pellet Feed Processing Facility for Sale
(Small Animal Pellet Feed Processing Facility)
According the different rotating methods, small feed pellet processing machine is divided into two types, respectively are D-type requiring the die rotation and R-type adopting roller rotation.
Furthermore, in order to meet the different requirements of clients from different countries and regions, we equip four kinds of driving powers in our small feed pellet processing machine, including electric motor, diesel engine, gasoline engine and PTO (driven by tractor).

The complete small animal pellet feed processing line includes crushing processing, mixing processing, drying processing, pelleting processing, cooling and sieving processing, packing processing.
Small Animal Pellet Feed Processing Line for Sale
(Small Animal Pellet Feed Processing Line)
The processing of crushing, mixing, drying can be regards as the raw material pre-preparation process, the crushing processing helps to reduce the raw material size to meet the pelleting requirement of less than 3mm size; mixing processing is to mix the various feed raw materials together very well, thus completing the nutrition; drying processing is equipped to adjust the moisture content of raw material in the required level (12%-15%).
After the preparation, the processed raw material can be pelleted by the equipped small feed pellet making machine. The finished feed pellet is hot, thus needing to cool. Cooling processing is used for decreasing the temperature of feed pellets to the indoor temperature in short time. During the cooling processing, under the effect of sieve, dust and broken feed pellet will be separated from the well formed feed pellets for re-processing. At the last processing, the cooled feed pellet is packed into bags by the packing machine.

However, different animal feed pellet productions have different actual situations and requirements, the production processing are not exactly the same, we have ability to customize the animal pellet feed  processing facility for you according to the customers’ differences.

Why use small animal pellet feed processing facility?

  1. Small animal pellet feed processing facility is designed with compact and simple structure, easy to install, operate and maintain.
  2. Wide raw materials. Various of feed raw materials can be produced into pellets, including corn, carrot, potato, wheat, leftover, rice, rice husk, grasses, cabbage, cassava, alfalfa, oil cake, straw meal etc.
  3. After the heat and pressing on the feed raw materials in the small animal feed pellet making facility, a certain degree of gelatinization appears which is allowing the livestock, poultry and other animals absorb the nutrition in the feed well thus growing better and faster.
  4. Wide applications. The small animal pellet feed processing equipment can produce various animal feed like cattle, sheep, horse, pig, cow, chicken, dog, cat, rabbit, shrimp, deer, lamb, pigeon etc.
Whether you decide to produce animal feed pellet for self-use or for sale, we are always waiting for offering you the professional service and best quality small animal pellet feed processing facility.